Replacing PS4 HDD


If I’m going to be a seriously PS4 gamer, I will likely need to expand the storage. I have less than 100GB right now. I hate uninstalling anything because you never know when I might need to take a swim on GTA5.

So I’m looking at swapping a 2TB or so HDD. Has anyone replaced theirs yet? Any recommendations on brand?


My advice would be to get a hybrid drive. If you’re going to upgrade the size, you might as well get added speed as well.


Yeah like @Vocino said, go Hybrid. I have a 1 TB Hybrid and have had no space issues since launch. 2 TB is for the lazy who don’t want to manage what they put on it. I think right now I have like 5 or 6 AAA titles on it and a handful of indie’s and I’m not even half way through it.

Be sure to back all your saves to the cloud, obviously you know this. To speed things up you can also throw the latest update on a thumb drive .

Also be thankful it’s not a PS3 upgrade. That system had TERRIBLE and CHEAP screws that fit no American Screwdrivers (At least the fat PS3)


I don’t really notice/care much about the load times for the PS4, and I literally ordered a 2TB drive today. Another reason I got a 2TB one, is that I bounce around games quite a bit before finishing them or getting bored with them, so I feel like I may need the extra space.

What is your hybrid? How much was it? Give us the deets! I need to know if I should cancel my order haha

Here’s mine.

Once again, when I put my mind to something, I go straight to doing it and forgot to order it through Strats :confused:

Also, if you need any help at all, I can help you step by step when you decide/get the drive.


Yeah I honestly never knew hybrid was a thing. Is it really a noticeable difference in speed? I only put Windows on SSD and use HDD for all games.


I bought this Seagate. For the price of $80 you can’t beat it. Since I don’t have a regular HD I can’t compare the difference in load times but there are plenty of videos out there that show load times between hybrid and standard HDD.

Easy install. It’s literally four or five screws. There are plenty of tutorial videos on swapping out harddrives. The whole thing takes about 3 minutes to do.


In your case I can see buying the 2 TB HD. It’s not like you can really go out there and buy physical games.

They’ve been around for awhile. I don’t use any on my desktop, like you I use an SSD to boot my OS and a 2 TB for everything else. It’s a pain sometimes when you install things in a hurry but it works. Hybrid drives are cool as hell, it observes data read off the Hard drive and cache’s repetition in flash memory. This gives it a pseudo SSD speed with cheap large storage. The PS4 views it as just a hard drive.


I was just starting to explore replacing my HDD, too!

Is there any other reason why you all recommend hybrid vs. full SSD, other than the cost? Also, I read somewhere (so its true, right?) that the rest function may not work with certain drives; anyone experience that?


True SSD is going to have much smaller storage and be much more expensive. A 1TB SSD drive is $350+. For the price of a 1TB hybrid drive, you’re going to get about 120GB of SSD.

Also, SSD wears out depending on how often your write to it. So it’s going to hurt you having to constantly remove and install new games on the smaller SSD drive.

That would be my reasons for not wanting an SSD drive.

I’m still not sure if I’m sold on hybrid. It doesn’t seem like too much of an increase in speed, and for most games I would think I’m still restricted by the load times of others (for example, deathmatch won’t be starting until everyone is in the game). So it seems like an increase of a few seconds in load time would only benefit me when playing single player games.

Edit - I have not read anything about rest function not working. I’ll have to look into that.


Cost is the only reason why you would not use an SSD. I’m not going to pay $400 dollars for storage space with better loading times. Loading times don’t matter in online games anyway, you still have to wait for everyone to connect and load the map anyway before it starts, so it only matters in single player. The only game I’ve come across with waiting times that were annoying was Bloodborne and they are still working on their end to ease these up some. I have not heard of rest function issues, I’ve never had any.

Looks like you’ve already said this :stuck_out_tongue:

Can confirm, most online games I’m sitting around waiting for others to load the match. It could be the drive or my faster internet connection.

omglifechangingdecisionsrhard. If you don’t think you’ll game much on the PS4 just buy a 1 TB HDD. If you see yourself gaming more, it’s a fire and forget investment you most likely will not regret. The prices are pretty close because it’s not THAT much of a difference. Worst case scenario you can always reformat and slap it in a laptop and put something else in.

If you think this is going to be you gaming with a hybrid drive:

You are in for a let down and possibly need to invest in a razor.

Also, I’m going to tell the truth. I only bought the big hard drive so I could download my games instead of going to Gamestop with all those 12 year olds running around buying the same games. I’m a giant and I don’t need to look weirder in public buying things I should have stopped doing 10 years ago. I feel bad enough playing online games like Battlefield and have a team full of kids in my squad. :frowning:


Life changing decisions are hard. And I wouldn’t be able to just “slap it in a laptop” because I am currently having another life changing decision about getting a tablet instead of a laptop in that other thread. :hankey:


It’s basically just cost. If I were replacing my PS4 drive, I would get an SSD.

I personally don’t agree with the above comment about them wearing out. A hybrid drive is constantly writing and overwriting the cache so I don’t see why the thinking would be that it would last longer.


You have plenty of time for regret later.


The only thing I regret in life was that hooker with cold hands.


This is the Hard drive I put in my PS4 on day one. I have had no problems, boots up fast, and still have plenty of storage left, however, I don’t have that many games on there, maybe 10.

HGST Travelstar 7K1000 2.5-Inch 1TB 7200 RPM SATA III 32MB Cache Internal Hard Drive 0J22423

You can find it at Amazon for $65, almost $30 cheaper than what I paid for it. Here is the link:

Any way, good luck


You could replace your hard drive cover with one that allows you to install a 3.5 hard drive. This can save you money and you can instal a 3TB hard drive if you want to .

Google Nyco PS4 3.5 hard drive bay



All drives have a “burn out” or endurance capacity. HDDs generally last 5-7 years on their own, barring manufacturer’s defects, and the like. There are two types of SSDs that exist: SLC (single-layer cell) and MLC (multi-layer cell), with the former of the two lasting much longer than the latter of the two.

Basically, the less data that is being written and re-written over the cells/space of any drive, the longer it lasts. I was always told that on average, an SSD lasts far less longer than an HDD under standard write/re-write conditions, but that could be because of the current design of most SSDs being MLCs.

When it comes down to it, you really have to look at how often you’d want to replace your hard drive (understanding that the more you use it, the shorter the life of the drive, but knowing that it’ll always be longer than being installed in an actual computer that is used daily), and if the cost is worth it to you for the additional speed. I cannot say for sure that you’ll notice a huge difference switching to a hybrid drive as opposed to just getting a traditional HDD with speeds of 7200 RPM.

Here’s some resources: (Kingston is the current SSD inside of my rig at home)


Whether or not you’ll notice a different between a hybrid drive and a standard 7200RPM drive is based entirely on your read habits.

Writing is unaffected by the drive, since we’re only talking about caching.

Over the course of a week, if you’re loading the same raid in Destiny over and over, it’s going to be much faster. However, if you’re jumping around in 10 different games, the cache is nowhere near large enough to have that much data ready to go from the flash.


Point well taken. I wasn’t thinking of that.


Wow, that’s uh… impressive. Is that a 3.5 hard drive bay on your PS4, or is it just happy?