Representing Strats: SeoulCrusher Rogue Hunting



Discord Channel Structure or Should The Division Get a Separate Channel

Way to hold your own! Some of my funnest times were running solo, it adds a different level of intensity to the game.


Man, I skipped the PS4 ad at the beginning and started watching. After I saw you rush them and they didn’t fire back it sunk in that they were playing on controllers.

That whole scene would have gone much differently on PC LoL.


Not necessarily :wink:


that’s a long way of saying you agree auth.


THAT was amazing.


“You’re going to get wekt”



Most likely. It was getting aggrevating that I would get a guy down and he’d be revived before I could get in to kill him. I haven’t played PC, what’s so different about it?


Running between cover in open ground can be very very dangerous. Mainly this is because tracking somebody with a mouse is just a little bit easier.

Yeah finishing people off took a little bit of understanding. I had to come to terms that I had to start finishing people off.

Leaving people in a down state just meant that somebody was going to come by after and revive them. I think I’ll end up doing is taking the proxy mine or sticky bomb skill and saving it for people who are in the down state. Not blowing them up, but waiting for their friend to come revive them. Killing two birds with one stone essentially.


I think the best revive prevention I saw was incendiaries. Going to save your friend? Have some :fire: fire :fire:

That or the turret; let it finish the dude for you :wink:


That was some clutch fragging! And I’m so glad I wasn’t one of the rogues you popped.


Dude the grenades are so clutch, especially in PvP situations. I never like dying with grenades left becuase you get more whenever you respawn so I use the shit out of them.


My issue with 'nades was how much trouble they got me into when a random would run INTO the red circle on the ground.


That’s cuz they’re not randoms. They’re assholes. The amount of exploits is really bad -_- I hope it gets fixed


Man those last 20 seconds you took those guys to school. Well played!