ReRoll to Enla?

Hello all, due to the huge number of players and epic wait times on the Salphira server, the leadership and myself have considered a server shift.

This morning I created my alt on Enla, I have already been able to put down a house and a scarecrow garden near Dewstone Plains. There is ample housing plots still available and the server queues are the shortest out of all of them.

I’m down to reroll and move our guild to Enla, I just need a show of hands for how many of you would like to join me.

As far as founders packs go, they should transfer to your alts. If they do not, then submit a ticket because this is a know bug.

Sorry for all the edits the server is the NA shard Enla

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All for it.

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Decisive leadership ftw.

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3 hours queue all day long vs insta log in. I can’t come home from work and wait 3 hours. They already raised the capacity by 20% and they are not adding other servers in fear of empty ones. All the founders and patrons are already in the other servers which means our prio queue well be super short in general. Que has been reported to be up to 5 hours. That’s the choice @vocino.


Tldr 8 hour queue +500 aka another 1.30 hours left. So 9.5 how que on kyprosa


I’m sure it might sting a little bit for those who have invested in the current server, however it seems the rewards outweigh the consequences.

Access to housing and minimal que times sounds like a good reason to switch.

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It does sting but id rather lose some money than wait in queues. My time is way more valuable than what I would give up.


I can’t even log into our server to delete my alt so I can make a new character. This is so ridiculous.

Someone save me a plot!

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Apparently they’re adding more servers:

Plenty of land on enla. No queue

So we don’t lose the founder gear like the armor, cape and glider?

you get it on the first 6 toons

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

Servers need to fucking die.

I don’t know how, that is for each dev to figure out for their unique game.

“We have 8 servers at lauch!”

Fast forward to launch


– Every MMO release Post WoW.

Tell me, aside from housing plots, what does having one server for Archeage take away from the game? When you argue your point, try to keep in mind that Eve has ONE server and no instancing.

Would you trade having one server that organically expands based on the amount of average monthly players in game over 5-15 servers that end up needing to be merged over time?

We are not going to an empty server guardian we are going to one with a queue of 10 not 3000. We need plots for the guild. we have found entire areas to claim and we benefit from not having to deal with all the super coordinated zerg guilds with 400 members that are going to lock down the trading and auction house. This isnt an easy decision for us but we all agree that its extremely important to be self sufficient from farming and thats impossible on salphira.

When auroria opens there will be limited castles you can claim and tax the land. so you cant have one server for everyone with limited castles. You also cant have 10000000 people on it. In EvE you spent most of your time running away or afk. You cant be in a station in archeage all day…

A big plus will be getting away from all of the BR stuff. We did pick one that there are a lot of players that don’t speak English.

I’ll see if I can’t get a character added on the new server. I think it’s a bummer to have to change at this point, but I understand why we’re doing it. I just hope we don’t end up with 3K queues on this new server within a week as well.

No BR is a huge plus! Also russia has 22 servers at capacity. People love this game and it will be around for a long long time because it has already been out for russia and asia and ITS FULL over there. PvP/sandbox/trade/crime sustains more than theme park raiding mmos. (wow excluded)

Dangit, I have to queue for Salphira just to delete my alt, so I can create a new toon on Enla. Stupid.

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OK, I have created “glocktwentynine” on Enla.


me and wheatums have properties down on dewstone already! so much land here

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Is there a way to skip the queues or no?

looking at a 3k queue on Enla fri night @ 915 pm

Damn that’s on the new server?