Resolved - Increasing Albion Gathering Skills Question


I am probably missing something basic here but after I hit the end of the fame for T2 mats, it hasn’t switched over to continue increasing as i gather T3 mats. I have the tool skills of T3 but T3 tools are currently in red for me, unusable. What am i missing so be able to increase my gathering skills?


Hello Sylvarion,

You need to gather x amount of cloth to get to the next cloth tier. When the tool is red, that means you are not yet proficient to use that tool yet.


I think you still have to go into the Destiny board and learn the next tier of gathering skills individually.


thanks @sorsko actually was in the destiny board and didn’t realize i had to click learn on the skills, now it has switched over. Lol i’d be up to t4 if i had known that but oh well at least i got it now


@ghosthog yes you are correct, sorry must have posted my previous post just as you did yours, didn’t see it come in. Someone also pointed out that if you can’t find the skill in destiny board you need to master click the eye next to the skill fame information on the main play screen and it will take you directly to that skill to master it