Respecing or multi-role?



So I have decided on Medic for my initial toon, of the healer variety. For those of you that had more beta time than I did (I got perhaps an hour) how does respecing work?

While I’m a healer at heart, being able to dps is handy when too many healers are about. How would that work in Wildstar? Is it just a matter of changing weapons, or more involved? You get the idea.


Respecing skills costs nothing, amps are relatively cheap and the cost seems to be tied to level/number of amps needing refunded. Other than that it really will come down to gear spec. Honestly, it won’t be overly hard to switch it up as needed I don’t think, provided you have gear to change into to fill whatever roles you want to on your toon.


You should be able to run with 2 sets of gear in your bags. If you have that the rest should fall into place.


You can also set up two “action sets” starting at level 20 – different set of amps and abilities tiered up as you wish. But yes, of course changing out skills and reseting the tiers is super easy and costs nothing as well.

I believe you can also buy more action sets at level 50 too.


Sweet, now I just wish the game was out already, been pretty useless this week after blowing out my back on Tuesday I think it was. Arrrggg, so many things to do, and it’s been so nice out this week. Been catching up on Inspector Lewis.