Retro Gaming: NES Classic coming out



For you retro gaming fans out there. Nintendo is releasing the NES classic for $60 in November. It will include 30 games including Legend of Zelda and Zelda II, plus first 3 super mario bros. It supports HD and comes with HDMI and 1 controller…$10 for a second one.


I want one. I really, really do. But will I buy it, play it for an hour or two, and then watch it gather dust forever more?!


Exactly. But I will still buy it :laughing:. I will look at it as a party machine then. lol. I only have like 2-4 people come over if ever.


Yep, that’s my concern as well. My GoG account is full of retro games I never play but still…nothing as nostalgic as these.


I’m honestly really glad that this is happening. I know people say that it is better to do a RetroPi or emulate it or something, but I think this is all about accessibility.

This will introduce people to retro gaming who would have never had the resources or knowledge to expose themselves otherwise. That makes me happy :slight_smile: