Returing to The Division - tips



If you’re coming back to the game and are feeling stumped on how to get caught up, here is a video by me to help.


What platform do you play on (can’t watch the video right now)?


I’d give you a 2nd heart just for not using a YouTube voice if I could; quality tips video :wink:

@Vocino, he’s on PC(MR)


Yup, PCMR, hacks included, lol. Waiting to see how well the pvp patch is. Might be worth rezzing the strats clan.


I remember joining Strats because it was a “Division clan.” I would love to actually play The Division with y’all lol

I actually really enjoy it now after 1.4. Haven’t tried the new patch though :anguished:


What platform?


Survival is a ton of fun. The novelty wears a bit after you get the hang of it, but I suspect the pvp mode is still fun.

Next patch will probably drop late January or early February. That’ll be interesting for overall PvP.

I’m on PC so feel free to ping me if you see me online and you’re on the same platform. Uplay ID is same as this name.


Nice tips… long time ps4 veteran here… Just made it to level 30 today on pc… let the grind start.

Survival is pretty fun. I really enjoy it every time i play it. i wish it had more random npc level spawn.