Return to Hell with DOOM



The game is surprisingly good. At least the campaign. I haven’t tried multiplayer since the Gamestop beta (which I hated). But all day yesterday I was watching for comments across the World Wide Web about this game. People seem to be enjoying it.

I still remember downloading the shareware version of Doom some 23 years ago. I wanted to like the game. So I decided to drop the cash and try it for myself.

After seeing the first trailer for the game my initial concern was that the melee combat, specifically the melee finishing moves, would slow down the game. Maybe the trailer was played in slow-motion to emphasize the finishers or id sped things up but I can confirm that melee is entertaining for me. Already my concern is handled. Melee finishers aren’t required but they are helpful since the enemy will drop health when killed.

All the classic DOOM weapons are present while an upgrade system has been added. By finding secrets and completing challenges in each level you earn weapon and armor upgrade points to add new functionality to your guns and abilities to your armor.

The game is very fast-paced and tries to stay loyal to previous DOOM games. Ammo can be hard to find so make your shots count. There is no reloading. Plenty of secret areas. And each level has a hidden area which is a pixelated piece of a classic DOOM level. It’s a very awesome throwback.

28,000 people playing on Steam at 7:30am Eastern. 4,100 reviews with 93% positive rating. Not sure how it’s doing on consoles but the PC community seems to approve.


Great review. I was concerned with the same stuff initially but the trailer looks really fun. The other reboots seemed a bit too far on the horror genre scale. This one seems more like the action slaughter shooter I remember.


Doom 3 was more about the horror and that single action or moment to scare you.

This new DOOM has you picking up a gun and shooting something within the first minute. You will often be in a room where multiple demons spawn/teleport in and there are not many places to hide.

I talked about melee combat in the previous post. Once you find the chainsaw a pretty nifty mechanic opens up for you:

  • Ammo can be scarce (the starter pistol does not require ammo)

  • When a demon is killed with the chainsaw, a large amount of ammo is dropped

  • However, the chainsaw requires fuel to use and the amount of fuel spent is dependent on the size of the demon

After trying out the chainsaw and seeing just how much ammo explodes once the demon is chopped up… I didn’t feel so bad about blasting everything with the shotgun.

Now if I can just find more fuel.


I was really interested in this game I even preordered the collectors edition, but after playing the Beta I was a little bit dissapointed and cancelled the collectors. I think I will wait for an offer £20 is the maximum I will pay for this.


I will preface my thoughts on this game by saying I am super picky about the games I play, and don’t like most games…

When I heard a new DOOM was being released, and saw some gameplay, I was not at all excited for it. Run into room 1, shoot and punch demons, run into room 2, shoot and punch demons, etc… Sounds pretty boring and repetitive to me.

After seeing such high ratings on Steam, and wanting to support Bethesda (one of the only good game publishers left), I decided I’d buy it and give it a try.

ZOMG! This game is a BLAST! I can’t explain why, but for some reason smashing in the heads of demons just doesn’t get old in this game. Something about the fast combat makes the game engaging and thrilling despite the fact that it’s a bit repetitive. It makes you feel like you’re an FPS GOD (even though you’re not).

On top of it all, the game looks great AND runs great. I have a high resolution monitor (3440x1440) and my GTX 980 struggles to drive AAA games at over 40fps, yet somehow it is able to run DOOM on max graphics (FXAA) at 60-75fps. And we also have to keep in mind that this is the OpenGL version, and the Vulkan API update is coming soon, which will boost performance even more.

One of the best game purchased I’ve made in a while.


The game is fun. It’s old-school fun, in my opinion.

As @Vocino talked about earlier in the thread, Doom 3 was more about having moments where the enemy would leap out of the shadows, or from a corner/floor grate/whatever (it’s been years since I played). That’s how I remember the game. It was more of a horror game like Dead Space.

This new DOOM throws a dozen demons at you and says good luck. You have to fight to get your health back rather than hide behind a wall for a few seconds while you regenerate.

I still haven’t bothered with the multiplayer but I am very happy with the single-player campaign.


It is pretty damn fun… but it lacks a coop campaign. Hopefully, people will make a custom coop campaign.

What I enjoy the most about the game is how it just feels so good to just brawl your way through a messy fight by make quick decisions between your guns, chainsaw, glory kills, and equipment. I’m only playing on ultra-violence but even that has been a decent challenge.

The enemy doesn’t feel cheap and the attacks so far are all dodgeable. But sometimes you don’t watch your back or you go for a glory kill in a bad spot and you get punished for it.

The secrets are also pretty fun to look for though the map system can frustrate me at times trying to angle it so I can focus on something better to find the secrets.

Ultimately, this game lives up to the pedigree. It is quick, messy, challenging, and absolutely scratching my shooter-itch.


Lack of coop does really suck. The game would be perfect for that.


I believe even Doom II had coop at the time


Loving the game, definitely gets the adrenaline going…

I was surprised to see there was no coop story mode as well. Luckily, Snapmap scratches some of that itch with endless community-created content. I’ve seen a few classic Doom maps recreated, one with current textures and one with classic map textures, both looked great.


I have this game on my list to play after I finish Uncharted 4. We should schedule a strats multiplayer night!


Finally loaded up multiplayer tonight.

Maybe it’s because I played a few campaign levels first, or maybe id made some adjustments to the mp side, but I was having a really good time. My first match was a 1.8 kda and I was 3rd place on my team.

I’ll play some more tomorrow but my initial impressions are that the retail version of DOOM is a hit.