Returning member


Hey people,

I disappeared when I started my new job, apologies for that. Now that I’ve settled in, and need to play some games so as not to burn out, I am returning.

Timing is good seeing as ESO is now free, and Star Citizen just launched a new patch!


Welcome home!


Welcome back to the Dark side brother.


Welcome back!


Welcome back. I don’t think I met you beforehand, but I’m a newer member here, so good to meet you.


Hi @zive9 welcome back! Hope you and fellow Strats members get the ball rolling with the new ESO content!


Hi + welcome back to Strats, @zive9! :smile: It’s great to have you here.


Hey @zive9, long time no see! Welcome back man.


Welcome back @zive9! hope to see you in game.


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