Revisiting Helldivers



Continuing the discussion from Helldivers - co-op craziness:

I saw HELLDIVERS advertised on Steam at the beginning of December and couldn’t figure out why it seemed familiar. Now I understand.

This game released on PS4 earlier this year and just came to Steam on Dec 7. The developer is Arrowhead, the same company that created Magicka and the recent Gauntlet reboot. In similar fashion, the game is 4-player co-op where you can screw over your teammates by killing them.

On both platforms you can buy the base game (which includes all the free expansions that have been released) for $20. You can also buy the base game + several of the DLCs (I think 2 are missing) for $40. This looks to be about $10-15 savings.

I think I might buy this on PS4, especially if it just happens to go on sale tomorrow (12/28). Does anyone else own this game and can give their opinion, or is anyone interested in playing on PS4 or PC?


Have it on ps4. Fun hectic co-op (couch capable) with good character building. Not a really a solo title, so def get a buddy if you’re gonna play. Pretty sure it also has matchmaking. Beware of friendly fire, lol.


@teh_ninjaneer I own it and never played it. I heard it was awesome. Buy it and let’s play it. I have off for 3 weeks and plenty of time to waste!


I have it on the PS4 and fire it up whenever I want to channel my inner-Johnny Rico and squish some bugs. But the FF does keep you honest, unless you’re grouped with randoms who get upset that you get in the way of their bullets. Or drop ships.

Good for some hectic fun & definitely a game you want to roll with buddies.


Seems like PS4 is where I’ll be making the purchase.

Forgot the store updates on Tuesdays, not Monday. I’ll wait to see if it happens to go on sale tomorrow before buying.


PS4 for me, the co-op looks great.


Im on vacation for the week. Welcome to drop me a line if you need a coop session. PSN id: epyon415


I made the purchase a couple days ago. So far I’m enjoying it. I love the Starship Troopers-style propaganda videos and general atmosphere of the game.

There seems to be a good selection of weapons and hardware with just the base game. Plenty of upgrades to provide hours of gameplay.

I think I will be happy with this purchase.