Revive Battlefield 4!



Let’s get a platoon up and running on the PS4!

Post your battlelog name and if you have premuim or not

Strats Platoon:


Sounds great! I’m not sure how many people play, but our forums would be great to offer to players. I think you could build a great group here.


I’m down!


I’m down too! I’m all about bringing back the battlefield. There’s a lot of new maps that I haven’t had the chance to get in


I haven’t played BF4 much recently. Unfortunately, Destiny has sort of taken over my gaming time. It’s a glutton for time, really. But if people want to jump in on BF4 whenever, I’m down to play it. It’s a much improved game over what it was.

Forgot to include this: Battlelog - jwilphl
Premium - yes


I applied for the Platoon on the site.




I also applied and have been accepted. I think i have the regular digital download not the premium.

Droul01 is my Battlelog name.


Let me just say that I am a Battlefield God and I can’t wait to get back into it with you guys. Oh and Merry Christmas.


You’ve been added @DirtyBojanglez!


That’s a lot to live up to.


Just bought this on sale. Haven’t played Battlefield since the early days of BF3, looking forward to getting in and trying it out. Think I bought standard version, can I get the expansions on sale too? Or did I screw myself?

I applied on Battlelog as well.


I’m sure it will go back on sale at one time. You have a enough with the base game to have hours and hours of fun though!



Invite requested :wink:


Just applied to the platoon.

Maybe now I can actually play with some people who aren’t 10 years old or hot-mic’n the whole time