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While waiting for The Division 2 to come out I decided it might be a good idea to finish the campaign for Division 1 first. I finished it and now I am into all the end game content they added. It is actually really fun and I’m sorry I didn’t give it another chance sooner.

Does anyone still play the division on PC?


I revisited it a bit before the Div2 Beta. Haven’t played it too much, don’t wanna burn out. I’d be down for doing Piers or incursions or something if we have enough interested people.


I don’t know if I can get too into Div1 progression when I know I’m just going to lose it for 2 shortly.


True. I’m not really focusing on progression. I’m just kind of treating it like an old school arcade game. Play for the moment.

I’m not bothering with trying to extract anything. Just running around the DZ killing NPCs.


Im in the same mindset as @Wayward i dont want to get burned out with the release of D2 so close. I did go back recently and mess around a bit with some lower level characters but didnt get into the end game stuff.


That makes sense @Biff_Tannen. I’m curious how many peeps here are going to play at launch…


I am for sure…had it pre ordered for a couple months :slight_smile:


Paging @stHeretic (he put in hella hours on TD1).


I still play fairly regularly, but for enjoyment, not progress. I’ll make the odd survival run, and legendary dungeons are awesome. Incursions can be difficult to pug, but not impossible.

As for Division 2, if I wasn’t completely against everything that pre-orders stand for, I’d pre-order. Hell, I might anyway. I’m one of the people who really, REALLY enjoyed the OG 1-30 experience in TD1, and thought that alone was worth the purchase. The end-game revamp was just gravy. So as long as they don’t muck with the formula too much, I’ll be happy with the spend.


Sweet. Feel free to add me BiffTannen82

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