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So as some of you might have heard in the last Strats meeting, i was in the third closed beta for an upcoming MMO called Riders of Icarus. During the closed beta i recorded several videos to share with y’all. Please be aware that i’m not a great recorder or stream so bear with my newness to recording. With that lets get started.

Riders of Icarus is a Korean MMO that is being brought over to the west. It pay model is Free to Play with a cash shop option. As for whether this game is pay to win i cannot confirm because the cash shop was not available during the closed beta. A few things that i am sure the cash show will have is a premium service with that provide things like increased exp gain for yourself and your familiar, daily health and energy potions. And as always i suspect that costumes will be involved also.

The main focus of Riders of Icarus is the familiar system, your mounts and pets, which integrates into almost every part of character and story progress. The game offers both a tab based and active combat system, though the active combat does need some more to refine. With flying mounts you can take to the sky and explore and battle in the heights above the world.


There will be five classes release at launch with more to be released later. here is a short video showing those five classes.

The first of those classes is the assassin. The assassin is a mobile melee fighter that uses dagger, positioning and their ability to dash to avoid combat and get behind the enemy. They are a combo intensive class and very squishy for a melee character. Their main class ability is stamina which is used to fuel their skills the dash and double jump feature. You can dash in any direction by double tapping the directional key while doing the same with space for the double jump. Here is a short video of a lvl 10 assassin showing off some of her skills.

The next melee class is the beserker, a heavy damage melee warrior.The berserker uses a greatsword an relies on powerful swing and combos to deal heavy damage to a target. They also have great mobility skills to engage foes. The class feature for the beserker is the rage mechanic with starts off at zero and builds through skill use in battle and will slowly deplete after battle is concluded. It uses heavy armor and can take a reasonable beating but has very few defensive skills. Here is a video of a lvl 10 beserker in action.

The last of the melee classes is the guardian. The guardian is a defensive, melee tank that uses a sword and shield to control the target. The guardian feature is mana which fuels most of their skills. They are meant to tank enemies in a group setting and have skills that both increase and decrease enmity for the mobs so that their focus remains on the guardian. Also have sever defensive and stun skills along with the ever so useful pull attack. Here is a lvl 10 guardian at play.

The first of the range units is the Priest. The priest is a ranged magic user that focuses on healing the party while providing DoT’s, HoT’s, buffs and debuffs to the party and enemies. They are one of the harder class to play as in most of their skills have dual usage, depending on whether you have an ally or enemy targeted. Their main mechanic is mana that is used for fuel all of their skills. Here is a lvl 10 Preist in action.

The last of the five classes is the Wizard. The Wizard is a ranged, magic artillery that provides massive AoE damage. While this class is the squishiest of all of the classes, the wizard makes use of the blink passive that allows them to blink forwards and backwards to gain range or escape from mobs attacks. This ability works much like the assassin’s dash ability. They use mana to fuel their spells and provide a lot of condition damage. Here is a lvl 10 wizard shelling her enemies.

Character Creation

As with most Korean MMOs, Riders of Icarus boast a very in depth character customization. I have seem some very unique characters come from it as well as some very tiny and massively huge characters. Here is a video that shows what you can do with the character customization.


The crafting system in this game, is very simplistic but offers chances to have greater success, which will either increase the number of items crafted or provide better gear. The material used to craft can be found in gather nodes around the world that you will have to complete for with the other players, drops from mobs, or even found in dungeon loot. here is a little sample of the crafting system.

Skills and Talents

While you progress through the game and gain levels you will gain skills that will help you better combat the enemies of this world. Skills are gain at various levels and provide the character with unique and different ways to deal with mobs. At around lvl 20 you will come across quest line that will further enhance your abilities and provide uniqueness from others of your class. This is the talent system. The talent system is a way for you to further hone what you want for your character by focusing on a certain path that provide additional bonuses to your character. here is a video that explains it a little more in depth.


Probably the biggest thing in this game is the familiar system. Familiars are used as mounts, pets, and can even be sealed to add various effects to armor and weapons while also acting as a fuel for your talent system. They are also your gateway into the skies above and are required to get to certain locations around the world. There is such a huge variety of pets that everyone can find something that they like. Pet will level up to your level passively just by being summoned. They have a stamina bar that when depleted will unsummon them and yes you can fall to your death on a flying mount if your stamina runs out. it is wise to have several of both the ground and flying mounts cause stamina does become and issue if you use your pets heavily. Here is a more in depth video explaining the familiar system.


Riders of Icarus offers a guild system that provides a home for like minded adventures to gather and play together. While guild start small, with a member cap of 20, they can grow in both level and membership number. Guild membership ic character based not account based so you can be apart of different guild for each of your characters. Unfortunately this causes guilds to fill up fast if every persons alt is a member of the same guild. As of right now guild housing is not available but i am suspectful that there will be because of the some of the icons in the guild menu. When the guild levels up, they can provide additional bonuses to it’s members such as increased health, increased drop rate and other useful things. lastly guilds can join alliances after they have reached a level 3 guild and can form them with up to 3 other guilds. This video about guild will provide a little more insight.


This game offers a lot even outside of the combat and crafting. Exploration is a big part of this game as you can fly and ride all over the world. Depending on your altitude, you may discover a place you didn’t know existed if you stay on the ground level. Are you looking for that elusive mount that you know is in this zone, some familiars can only be found after you reach a certain altitude. The environmental graphics are beautifully done and I’ve found enjoyment in just flying all over the world. Here is a video of me exploring the Seas of Hakanis region.

Story and Quest

The story is progress through the use of the quest system. There are four different types of quest within Riders of Icarus. The first are are the story quest which are indicated by a gold exclamation points and gold sunburst. These quest will progress the overarcing story.The second are side quest which are indicated with a blue exclamation point and a blue sunburst. These provide additional objects to complete while advancing you story line. The third is request quest which are indicated with a blue exclamation point haloed with a arrow in a circle. These quest are typically associated with dungeons and are repeatable. The last are daily quest which are indicated by a green exclamation point. In addition to providing expand money for completion, most daily quest also provide Ellum with is the in game money.

While doing your story quest, there are many times when you are out into a solo or party instance to complete an objective. There are instanced for each player and even if you are grouped up with someone, when you enter a solo instance you will go in alone. Though, when you exit you will be back with the party members. Here is an example of a solo instance. This is a story instance so it contains spoilers to the story.

Dungeons and Raids

Riders of Icarus provides a substantial amount of dungeons and raids. With the level cap at 25 for the closed beta, there was three dungeons and 1 raid. The dungeon system is broken down into 3 categories. the first is story dungeons. Every dungeon in the closed beta had a story associated with it and your story quest will take you into this dungeon. Story dungeons are scaled to be soloed but can have 2 players enter. The second dungeon type is the elite dungeons. These are meant to be done with a minimum of two players and a maximum of five as the mob difficulty has increased. The last dungeon type is heroic dungeons which are meant to be done with a full party. Each tier of dungeon provides higher drop rates and each have their own difficulties.

The first raid is at lvl 24 and unlike the dungeon does not have scaling difficulties. There is only one difficulty and that is Boss. I was too low of level to enter that raid so i have no footage of it. Though, while i was not able to do either the elite or heroic dungeons, here are the two dungeon story modes i completed. There are spoilers to the storyline so be warned.

Playing with Friends

As with all MMO, playing with friends always provides a fun and enjoyable experience. It makes the questing and the grinding less and allows for the players to learn how classes interact with each other. Here are a few video of me and @W1thl0v3 playing together. There is spoilers for the starting story so be warned.

Guardian Let’s Play

Below is a series of videos i recorded with me playing the guardian class through the entire starting area. Be warned that these videos contain story spoilers.

Here is some higher level game play on my guardian along with some mounted combat.

Fun with the GM

lastly i was able to be on at several times that the GM Cuddlewings was on. Below are some videos of with Cuddlewings. The first two are photoshoots that the GM wanted to have. The actual pictures can be found here. I wonder how many of you can find me in them. The third is a mount showcase and by far probably the best watch of the four. And lastly is the closing ceremonies for the third closed beta. Enjoy.

Thanks for keep with me through this massive post. If there are any question you have about the game that are not found here let me know and i’ll see what i can do to answer them.

Thanks guys!

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