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[RoI] Riders of Icarus | StratsCo Guild

The StratsCo Riders of Icarus is a casual PvE guild. We are a friendly, mature, easygoing group that is more interested in exploring and having fun than ruling the world or dramafests, though we never mind taking on a challenge. Currently we are looking for members to join in our adventuring, questing, dungeon and possibly in the future raids.

We use the forums, Mumble, and Discord (chat) for communications (see below for more detail). You can get help from one of our friendly members in any of these channels in addition to guild chat.

What is Strats Co?

Strats is a gaming community that is expanding our BDO player-base. The goal here is to create an environment for mature players to enjoy gaming with like-minded people. We pride ourselves on a community built upon strong friendships, refining our skills, and no toxicity among players.


Guild Master:


Communications & Signing Up

We use our database to authenticate our Mumble server, which serves as our primary means of communication.

If you are new to Strats.Co please sign up and post an introduction to the community.
Then post a comment below with your in-game name. Keep in mind that your forum name and password will also be your mumble name and password.

We have Discord for chatting as well. Our official channel information is here.

Adherence to our community standards is mandatory for all members.

Guild Rules

We expect all members to be respectful and no hate. As the guild system is character bound and not account bound, depending on how many people there are we may restrict the main guild to your main character and create an alternate guild for alt characters. This is going to be based on the number of people we have.

Key pages for info, discussion or screenshots:

Riders of Icarus Official Site
Closed Beta Video Megathread


This is a rather ordinary guild post and as i do not have the talents to make pretty pictures like the other guild post do, i would gladly appreciate some help in creating one if someone is interested.

The open beta for this game starts on July 6th and you can sign up for it for free here. Alternatively, you can get early access to the open beta, starting at June 29th, buy purchasing one of the three founders packs found here.

During the last closed beta there was only one server but i’m sure there will be more, so i’ll pick a server when i get into the game during the early access.

Riders of Icarus is a free-to-play MMO with micro transactions. It focuses on familiars that can be your mounts and pets which some mounts can fly into the skies. It is very fun and i would suggest that anyone who likes MMO give it a shot.


Here is a link on how to get access to the open beta and headstart.

The most interesting thing is that at the bottom, it clearly states that there will be no more wipes. Anyways i’ll be in game tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


As of right now there is only one North America server, Baellas, which is where we will be playing.


I have the guild the guild created, StratsCo. You can get a guild invite by messaging me in game, character name Lafiel, PM’ing me here or hitting me up in mumble.


Woo! I bought the legendary edition. So ready. <3 <3 <3 See you in game tonight :wink: I’ll let you know what my name is once I make my character.


I was just about to buy my copy of Riders when my housemate reminded me that WoW xpac is 2months away, so when that come sout I would be pretty full time there. so sadly for now I will be passing

Sorry guys


do you need to be online to get guild invite? if not character name is Finubar


I think we both have to be. But i’ll get on and give it a try.


It should be noted I managed to snag Auth and made it to level 12 or 13 as a Priest. I won’t be on until next week again, most likely, but I’ll need a guild invite in the near future :wink:


Oh by the way the game is Free-to-Play now so you don’t need to buy a copy if you still want to check it out.


How active is the guild in Icarus? May check it out till albion release if theres a decent presence.


Small and sporadic, for the most part. The game does come at a great price though: free :wink:


lol ya true. i’ve heard really medeocracy is the name of this game. It feels like every other game for the past few years. Not sure if it deserves my time with albion coming and overwatch going on right now. I dont mind hopping in a game if its bustling with our members though. Always looking for a community to hang out with in a game, thats what really sells it for me.


We have a few folks (like @Diacuss) that are hitting it pretty hard. I enjoy the concept and play off and on, but I don’t know that it’s going to have any substantial staying power with me, personally. The mount/pet system is pretty good and for completionists there’s tons to do surrounding it. The level cap is currently 25 and going to 35 in a week or two (since it’s in open beta). You could hit cap in a weekend with little issue, which would probably tell you if it’s a game for you or not :wink:


Yeah, we have a few people playing but nothing major. If you want to try it out i can get you a guild invite to it and check it out.


I’m one level away from the level cap, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I disagree with saying the game is “mediocre” and that it’s “like every other game.” I think the devs of Riders were and are trying something different. You tame, level up, and armor your mounts. Towards the end game, good mounts are essential in order to succeed in areas with a lot of enemies, as well as enemies in the air.

The game isn’t the most gorgeous MMO I’ve seen, but it is very pretty. There are only a few biomes that have been released, but they are all very attractive. Not to mention the scale of how many mounts there are to tame. Some are easier than others. You can tame everything from a Kangaroo with glowing paws to a fiery dragon to a floating sea-dragon looking thing. I, myself, prefer to ride a corrupted caribou or a heavily-plated war horse. The dungeons are good. They aren’t long, but they are fun. The game is as grindy as you make it, but ultimately completing quests is the way to go.

Like @Auth said, the game is free so what’s there to lose? I am a bit flustered at how much this game has not only flown under the radar, it’s received a lot of unnecessary flak. It is not a game that revolves around crafting and, so far, costumes are not a major part. To me, it feels almost like Pokemon, if that makes sense. You can collect these mounts, some are more difficult than others, but ultimately you have your favorite that you ride around on or fly into the city with. I think with the level cap raise and the release of some new areas we will see a lot of progress.

I think the main gripe many people have with this game is that it is a Korean MMO or something along those lines. Is the game P2W? Not that I have seen so far. You cannot buy exp stones. Obviously anyone who pays for the $15/mo sub fee is going to have somewhat of an advantage over a free player, but only in the sense that your mounts/familiars and you gain more exp. Similar to how ESO works now. As of now, there is limited PvP, but I expect it to change.

Now that I am almost done with the first part of the game that has been released, I have loosened the reins a bit and stepped away from it. However, I am looking forward to what the next large update has to bring. I think it’s unfair to put a nail in the coffin of this young game when, I feel like, it has a lot of potential.