RIP in Peace: Loot Cave


What you talk?! What happened!

They patched it, along with a few other things. You should read the post about the dev notes.

It is customary, in my country, to tell joyous stories about the deceased as to let others that may have not gotten the chance to know them feel connected.

I’ll start.

Oh loot cave, I remember when you played hard to get and dropped nothing but a few level 16 blues for hours on end, you silly fellow.

You truly melted my heart when you dropped those two coveted purple engrams after hour upon hour of a mind numbing grind and then they rolled greens.

RIP old pal.


This one time, at loot cave I ran all around near loot cave, doing patrols, and when I got back to the tower I had 4 rare engrams waiting for me. Oh how I miss you treasure cave.



One time I was there with a group fishing our little hearts out. Oh the cave of wonders gave a good catch sometimes. I decided to leave my character there when I went to bed. One of my fishing buddies suggested I use a used condom to hold my control stick on. I found a rubber band like a normal person and went to bed. When I woke up I was greeted by the amazing surprise of being at the main menu. I jumped right to the tower and found my bounty! Two blue engrams! Just amazing, the best place to fish…

RIP in peace oh wonder


Once I took a pike out to Loot Cave with @Dynamible and @tommy2118. Those were…happier times :’(

Sleep well, sweet prince.


Fucking top keks

While I only knew the loot cave for a short time it really helped me grow as a hunter. It taught me things about team work and truly demonstrated how deadly a “fatal funnel” could be. It set me up for success with legendary armor for a Titan and Warlock. As I plow through strikes for the possibility of a legendary I will not forget your majesty but simply learn to live with the loss. RIP loot cave. And let us never forget the millions of slaughtered hive.

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Supposedly there is a new loot cave

It’s funny Forbes of all sites are staying on top of this new Destiny news.