RIP Mass Effect




Something tells me that between this and the fact it’s been on discount for a weeks on end through PSN (and other places); it’s not selling that well.


The fact that there is no story dlc being released and the ME Dev team was disbanded also told me that.


Is this like a goodwill?


If I found it in a thrift store I might actually buy it.


Sad thing is that the game is pretty good and fun. I did enjoy it when I got it (a bit after they released that last patch).

It was just released way too early and fault that more on the Bioware bigwigs not putting the proper amount of resources and the right people on the Andromeda team. I don’t think EA had anything to do with the debacle of ME:A’s state at launch (though of course they do have their fingers in the multiplayer and loot boxes). I could be wrong in that regard though.

The patches that they did release did bring it up to the level it should’ve been at launch in my opinion and it would’ve scored much better if they did delay the launch of the game by a few months.


too much hype, and a piss poor game quality at launch killed this game.
saddens me because i liked the last 3 ME games


I enjoyed the ME series but Andromeda was lacking…i still played it through twice though!


I liked Andromeda more than I did 3 (if anything I’d say 3 is the weak link in the series), and I think that as a shooter it was very well designed and fun. Didn’t even think the animations were that poor either, and don’t really get the hate it got. Performance wise it ran crappy, yes, but that’s one of the few faults I can find on it.

The poor sales I’d attribute to people not wanting to play an unfamiliar story on a familiar universe, the general poor reception to 3, and the internet’s echo chamber magnifying what I think are pretty insignificant technical issues that wasn’t for a big budget series like ME would’ve gone unnoticed.

It’s a shame, because if MEA was the first installment of the series, it would’ve gotten the praise 1 did, and then some. It’s easy to forget that the first game had really weird design issues as well.