Rise of the Tomb Raider on Sale... Already?



Woke up this morning to a nice little slap in the face from steam.

The other day I saw some PC gameplay video of Rise of the Tomb Raider, and it was so beautiful I decided to pre-order. I paid the usual $69.99 CAD for a AAA game, and was looking forward to playing it in all its graphical glory.

Today, the day after release, I logged into Steam and saw the game was now on sale for 10% off. What a slap in the face to everyone who pre-ordered. Is it just me, or is this totally absurd?


Nope, this seems about right. Why you never buy until steam sale!!!

Seriously that blows. Are you able to return and repurchase?


I’m now faced with the option of keeping things as-is and keeping my pre-order bonus (an outfit or two), or refunding and saving $7.

Effectively, do I want to purchase the pre-order bonus for $7?

Nope. Refunding and buying again.


I’m not surprised, this game flopped hard on xbox. Not because it sucked, but because they released it the same day as Fallout 4.


it actually got great reviews on xbox. but like you said, fallout 4 casts a big shadow. i’m in the middle of a play through on xbox, but i’ve been so distracted by other game over the past 2 months.


oh yea, i didnt mean it was a bad game. I heard it was amazing. if it was anything like the last one i would give it a 9/10.


Yeah. Releasing on the same day as something as hyped as Fallout 4 was stupid. Starcraft: Legacy of the Void was the same thing.


the first one was awesome but had the same problem I had with the originals, too much serious and not enough light humor, that’s what helps make the Uncharted series so great. I’ll probably buy this one too soon, I just hope there’s a little more comic relief, it’s hard to get emotionally invested in super serious Lara for however many hours.


It makes me sad that this game poops on my GPU. Full graphics and AA @ 1440p gets me a solid 20-25 FPS with my overclocked GTX 980. But if I play the game without max graphics… I feel like I’m missing out.