Road to Platinum - Need co-op partner for mastering Battlefront missions



I need a partner to help me complete the Survival missions in Star Wars: Battlefront. I’m hunting for Platinum. When playing co-op on Survival, you get the same number of enemies, same difficulty, but double the fire power on your side.

Here are the trophies we would be going after:

On the ball
Complete any Survival mission on Master difficulty within 35 minutes

Earn a total of 5 stars from Survival missions

A good blaster at your side
Get 150 kills in successful matches of Survival

Unfortunately, my time zone is difficult for most people right now as I’m in London (GMT). Ideally, this would be sometime between 1700-1900 GMT. We would use Discord for comms.

If no one is available in this time zone, I’ll be back in PST starting in February.


I would give 'er a try, but I don’t get home until 22:00GMT.
Maybe on the weekends, or once you’re back if you haven’t found anyone.


I am free on the 15th, 21st, and maybe the 29th at that time, LMK.


You are awesome. You might have me in your backpack.




The gif game in this thread is on point.




Slowly making progress.


Hero Hunt is garbage.