Rockin the red today!


Hairs a mess…but the shirt is all that matters!! Got the red on today with the other in black ready for tomorrow!



Awesome! Mine came in the other day! I need to post it!


Niiiiiiiiice! Looking good, @Droul! :blush:


Can we make this official Strats T Shirt thread? :stuck_out_tongue: Was on my way to help a friend change a tire.


I posted this on Twitter, but if this will be the official thread for shirt pics, here’s mine:


There goes my boo McKenzie - @W1thl0v3 - in the bomb purple one! :heart_eyes:

-sings- Strats Sistas! Haha. (Miss you, Mac! <3)


I am waiting someone to make a visit to slovenia :blush:
I know @tommy2118 want to visit lake emerald :blush: … So I don’t have to pay shipping :blush::blush:


<3 STRAAAAAATS SISSSTAAAAAS! Miss you too bae :blush: