Romancing the Inquisition?

I don’t know if anyone has any interest in the romance options in the game, but just in case, I found this and thought I would share:
Dragon Age Inquisition Romance guide

** mentions some later game character/interactions (some people might consider that spoilers?)

Not as many choices as previous games, but still some interesting flirt options etc.


I saw this earlier and thought it was pretty interesting…gonna try and pick me up and ambasador gf!!

That is who I am dating :3

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Dated Josephine on normal, romancing either Cassandra or the scout dwarf on Nightmare for fun lol

Whaaat the dwarf can be romanced? I tried so hard but she always ignored me. dang man

I think she’s lesbian

According to the page anyone can flirt with the scout dwarf but there aren’t any real “let us spend time alone together” interactions. She just has flirtier greets for you whenever you chat with her at skyhold and wherever.

I highly suggest entertaining a homosexual romance with the Iron Bull.

I had NO idea about this being an option in Dragon Age!

I’m going through my first play-through now … I think I’m going to try going after Cullen just for fun. Haha.


Good luck haha, it’s actually quite fun, but frustrating if you’re like me and at the last quest but Sera won’t frigging commit lol.

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Sera is so quirky + fun! Good luck to you too, haha! :smile:

I was cracking up recruiting her for The Inquisition during that ‘Red Jenny’ mission.

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Oh yeah she’s a trip. Tip btw, don’t start the last story mission without first finishing a romance, you can’t do it afterwards, found that out after my first run through.