Room Divider or Chroma Key Backdrop

With the setup of my condo, my desk happens to be out in our living room & essentially out in the open. While this isn’t too much of an issue when I’m working from home, it does limit my desire to flip on the camera when streaming.

Having given it some thought, I’m stuck between the acquisition of just a room divider (which are much more expensive than I would’ve thought - at least here in Canada), or setting up a photography chroma key backdrop to serve the dual purpose (the direction I’m leaning).

I’ve read good things about the Elgato Green Screen:

It’s both practical & portable. My concern is the investment required to purchase it - just past $200CAD if I ship it to my US PO Box.

Then there’s a more reasonable option:

Again, relatively practical & portable and about half the cost when all is said and done.

Yet I wonder if I shouldn’t look for something even more affordable. My wife is on board with me acquiring something that provides separation between our living space & my desk, but I’m not sure I can justify $100+ CAD options to her.

Anyone have a suggestion on a option that doesn’t break the bank yet remains functional?

My option would be to just not use a camera. Problem solved and costs you nothing.

Do you need or want this divider/screen for a reason other than to use a camera when streaming?

With a green cloth and some clips.

something like this:



I have the first 2 items in @Zharick s post. I don’t set it up often because my current situation in my office is in flux and it just wouldn’t work right now. I love the collapsible ones but their way too expensive. I’d rather put that money into my pc.

One thing I would suggest you think about if you’re leaning toward a green screen is lighting. Chroma key backgrounds only work with the right lighting. You have to have something pretty bright shining on you from the front. Preferably on both sides to avoid shadows. I just use some clip on work lights you can get at Walmart for $3 each and a couple of 60 watt bulbs. But I do plan on getting some light boxes when I get my office done.

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Work as well - conference calls are now video calls as well (especially when the VP is on them).

The only reason why I haven’t simply gone with that route is the practicality of it - I don’t foresee myself wanting to continue to set it up & take it down.

And I’ve looked at the Webaround as it seems too perfect. It’s just the additional shipping cost gets the price up the way as the Fotodiox option. If there was the typical Amazon “free” shipping option, it’s likely the most suitable.

Hang it on a clothesline so you can slide it open and closed as needed.

My wife would veto that in a hot minute. We’d be looking at a 20ft line in the middle of our living room. Whatever the solution is, needs to be relatively portable so it can disappear.

The trouble with affordability is it often doesn’t go hand in hand with convenience. The pair of stands with a conjoining crossbar isn’t bad (I have one), but it’s a pain in the ass to set up and tear down; unless there’s a wall it can sit against nearby in the room without getting a grumpy wife, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Honestly though, you could probably rig something up for less if you built your own stand out of something like PVC pipe and got a bit of bright green fabric from a craft store along with some large clips to keep it taut (most of the cheap “green screens” on Amazon are just large, thin pieces of green cotton fabric).

I’ve been considering the Elgato but I opted for figuring out the easiest solution instead. Decided on making an alpha layer mask and cropping the camera viewport.

@Auth, the crusher of dreams.

I “think” I’m going to pull the trigger on the Webaround (price + shipping/handling to my US PO Box is about $65 USD if I buy it direct).

I haven’t a clue what this means, although I imagine it doesn’t solve my work conference call issue.

Basically it means this (bottom left):


Thanks for clarifying; I (like many others, I presume) was so enamored by the glorious 21:9 that I might not have noticed for a fair bit :pc:

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If I were to do something with a greenscreen I’d probably copy Grubby:

Awkwardly place your face cam into the UI? Yours looks about 1000% better than his does, he’s just bigger is all.

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I don’t really want to be that big anyway heh.

Careful, you’re going to trigger @tommy2118 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure what that means but I like it.

@auth believes I’m the shortest 6’2” guy on the planet.

Also, I have green screen frame with canvas, It is a pain to set up and tear down. I also have two walls in my office that I painted with green screen paint. It is nice but in order for it to work well I would have to move my desk to where I’m closer to the wall. Not sure this helps you.

I had this exact setup at one point. When the newer version of OBS studio came out and included the masking feature I totally did exactly what you did and added myself into the UI. (I copied it from MFPallytime, I must admit)

It’s a pretty clean look. Problem I found is that back then, blizzard was making minor tweaks to the UI with ever patch. So I was constantly adjusting position of the camera. Now I image the location will be more permanent.

If & when we move (our assessed value went up 45% YoY), we’re wanting a bigger place with a space that I can dedicate as an office/man cave. Once there, I may go with the full setup.

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