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So I got my dad a Chromecast for Christmas. The problem is that it won’t connect to our network, because we have an outdated router. The router we have is from Verizon Fios and the years old. I don’t know anything about routers.


What do you so think I should buy? I’ve also never set up a home network before. Is it hard? What should I read/watch?

Do you guys have mainly Macs or PCs? If PC, I’d say something form Cisco. If Mac, I’d go with a Time Capsule.

Everything is android or pc, but my old macbook.

You might be able to score an upgrade from your cable/internet company if you’re leasing your current router from them.

I believe we are, but I’ve heard that’s more expensive in the long run.

If your old router was doing the job, until now, you most likely do not have a very complex set up. Most modern routers should work and they have built in wizards that will take you from connection to live internet will relative ease.

I agree with @Wheatums in Cisco, although I think they were bought by Linksys, I used to be a fan of Netgear… Not sure they get my endorsement right now.

Gotcha. I’ve only ever changed the password on our network, so I want set this one up right.

I think you’re confusing terms. You likely have a 2-in-1 modem+router from Verizon. You can probably keep that and use it for your modem (or ask them for an upgrade/replacement of modem-only hardware).

Your wifi router is the device that the Chromecast is connecting to and probably can’t because if it’s old it’s using an out-dated 802.11 spec. I believe the Chromecast wants at least 802.11n since it has to stream video.

As was mentioned by @Wheatums, the Apple Airport Extreme (or Time Capsule if you want network storage) is really nice (I have a Time Capsule and love it). The best part about it is it supports 802.11ac which will transmit both 2.5 and 5hrz simultaneously for capability without sacrifice of speed.

You don’t want the wifi to be your bottleneck, you want your connection out of the house to be.

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What everyone else is saying is pretty much on par. I don’t have personal experience with the Apple Airport / Time Capsule, however Cisco (Linksys) or Asus have been making some solid routers.

As @tommy2118 said, you likely don’t have a complex setup, but as @Vocino said, you should reach out to your ISP and upgrade to just a modem (not a 2-in-1 combo). Even if the current 2-in-1 would work for you in conjunction with a new router, a newer modem will bring updated firmware / hardware as yours is likely many years old.

Currently I’m running an Asus RT-AC66U with no issues at all.

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Seconded. If I didn’t have an Apple, I’d probably go ASUS since I have so much other ASUS stuff and I’m a brand whore.

This is a very good point. We will have to get that taken care of.

This looks very nice.