Rumor: Battlefield 5 to be set in WW1


Im a huge Battlefield fan, although in not entirely sure I like this idea. I think I’m in the minority that is still over WW1/WW2 shooters. Would you buy a WW1 based Battlefield 5?


That would be really cool. The Battlefield and COD series have been getting more and more into the future tech stuff without getting better. Battlefield 1942 is still the best game in the series ever.


I would! It would be nice to shake things up a bit.


I think everyone got really tired of WW1 and 2 shooters because they were to common. I think that dynamic has changed with all modern franchises trying to up the other business with more futuristic games. I’m ready for a blast to the past with historical guns and limitations. The newest COD was a lot like Destiny, with titan smashes and jet packs. What ever happened to the good old days when tactics and teamwork was enough. I think battlefield has an amazing engine that will make running through history truly exhilarating and bring it back to the basics.


This is exactly why I actually liked BO3, it wasn’t the same as the previous ones. It added a new dynamic.

That is what killed it for me. And you know that it will happen again. I would not be surprised if we see both CoD and BF5 go back to WWx this fall.

I would def buy it too, I guess what has me still meh about it is that we’ve been there done that. I want something new, different, awesome…but then again what else is there to do besides past/present/future? It’s all been done before. I be we see a long list of WWx type games come around and then back to present/future. Future always seems to be the least liked.


take a game that makes alot of money and set it in a different time period, it kind of fits with the Assassin’s creed series but I’d be disappointed if we get the same stale gameplay just in a different time


There was a game recently which looked cool but I never played it, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I would love to see CoD or Battlefield to this. Or at least some kind of DLC.


Tbh the past few years I’ve just been over the FPS genre. It used to be the only thing I played, but for the most part they’re all so steal. I won’t touch CoD, and the only reason part of me even likes BF is because of vehicle combat and having the choice to go on foot if I choose. I have a lot of memories playing BF 2 on the 360 and pretty much wiping the other team with a tank.


Here is some more news from IGN: