Rumor - Leaked Destiny DLC Timeline [Possible SPOILERS?]

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s an image floating around of what seems to be the Destiny saga timeline.

Of course, we should take this all with a grain of salt but I think, based on the “Activities” and timing of The Dark Below that this timeline is reasonable. I am kinda bummed not to see any Cabal specific expansions here. Also note the MASSIVE expansion, “Comet” for September 2015. Is this Destiny 2? I’m not too sure.

Much more detail found in this reddit thread.

Here’s a breakdown:

House of Wolves
Date: March 10th, 2015
Locations: Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus, Reef
Activities: 3 Story, 1 Strike, 1 Raid, 4 PvP Maps

Comet: Plague of Darkness (!?)
Date: September 2015
Locations: Moon, Venus, Mars, Hive Ship
Activities: 12 Story, 4 Strike, 1 Raid, 1 Location, 6 PvP Maps
Bonus: New subclasses and 2 new weapon types

Vex [illegible]
Date: TBA
Locations: Venus, Mars
Activities: 3 Story, 2 Strike, 1 Raid, ? PvP Maps

Forge of Gods
Date: TBA
Locations: TBA
Activities: TBA

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I agree! For some reason I really like Cabal stuff. They’re just so huggable.


@Vocino Cabal stuffed toys would sell like hotcakes.

I have a love/hate thing for the Cabal. Any raid that involves them and their big ass shields would be such a pain but I’m all for diversity. I just thought Vex > Hive > Fallen > Cabal was going to be the pattern.


Omg I’m so excited for the bonus. Thanks for posting!


Agreed if this is accurate that is a really exciting pospect!