Rust I need friends


Does anyone have or play rust. I would love to start gaming with some people when I play it.

Have you played rust?

If you have why don’t you now?


I think I have it on steam but I’ve never played it. Should I?


It’s come a long way. It’s fun to play with groups. I love gathering and building so if I get Albion that’s probably what I’ll do the most.

If we could get a group that wants to try it I’d be down rather than role solo. I admit the game does get boring after some time.


Rust is like 50X better now than it used to be. But it’s just not a style of game that I can get into long term.


I’ve heard this game is awesome. I need to get in on it. Might buy soon! :wink:


My buddy and I bought it a while ago and played for four to five hours with no idea what we’re doing. Hilarious experience looking back, but in the moment it was super frustrating.

I’d be interested in checking it out again after my HotS addiction settles down (1-2 months?)