[Rust - PC]Public Server for Strats and Friends!


Updated: 2/22/16 9:30 PM(Changed some Mods to be more fun, and updated some stuff, wipe was neccesary)

Hey guys! So recently I’ve started my own server in Rust. It’s only a 50 slot for now, but I wanted everyone here to have the chance to play on it if you own the game.

I know there’s a lot of people that have told me the game is full of trolls and the like. Or they can’t get started because people grief them and so on. So I’ve started the server and am currently tweaking it to be a challenging yet fair and fun server.

If you want to get in, log into steam > click view at the top > servers > favorites tab > add server.

The IP and Port for the server are: (Hosted on HostHavoc)

I’ve installed several mods(testing thoroughly to ensure they don’t break the experience and these are subject to change.)

They Include:

Hunt RPG: This essentially turns the game into a community game with RPG elements. Every time you gain a level you get 3 Stat Points and 2 Skill Points. Stats are Agility(Chance to dodge attacks), Strength(Increases health), and Intellect(Decreases crafting time). Skills included, but not limited to: Lumberjack, Miner, Blacksmith, Gatherer, Etc. Each skill requires a certain number of Skill points to level. This essentially makes it so working together is beneficial. Lumberjack gains more wood per hit, Miner gains more Ore per hit, Blacksmith gains more from Smelting and so on.

  • While in game type /hunt or /h to bring up a quick help menu of the commands.

Removed Zlevels to replace with Hunt RPG

Auto Doors: Doors will automatically close behind you after 5 seconds.

Door Share: You have the ability to share doors with your friends via commands. This will prevent you from having to constantly change codes on doors because you only wanted them to have temporary access.(Still working towards fixing this one, it’s a little buggy.)

Pets: New in the game! You can now tame animals to follow you and carry items and such. Some Animals are better for attacking, some better for carrying.(Requires lvl 30 in RPG)

Heli Inbound: This will notify the server in chat when a Helicopter is coming.

Teleport System: You are able to teleport to your friends. Should you die, and don’t want to constantly have to keep finding them and spending to much time just running around aimlessly(The second reason for this is below).

  • /tpr “playername” - Requests Teleport

  • /tpa - Accept teleport request

  • /sethome “homename” - This sets your home(Must own it with Tool Cupboard, Max 1 home.)

  • /home “homename” - This will TP you back to home after 15s. 600s CD, 3 uses per day.

Removed RadTown Animals and replaced with an acutal spawn script

Removal Tool: This allows any Base Owner to destroy a constructed piece within a certain timeframe of building the objects.(Note: You must have a tool cupboard up for this to work, and there will be a cost association to it. Tweaking those for balance/grief reasons.)

Removed Welcome Gifts due to being buggy and unreliable

Time Manager: We all hate the nighttime in Rust, so I’ve adjusted those. Standard is 45 Minutes for Daytime, and 15 Minutes for Night. It is currently 50 Mins of Daytime and 10 Minutes of Night.

Rotate on Upgrade: You are able to rotate walls/buildings after upgrading them.(Should you accidentally place them the wrong way)

Rust IO: If you are unfamiliar with this, it’s amazing! Go to http://playlist.io and search for the “Doom Squad” server and log in with steam. It will pull your Steam ID and give you a real time location of where you are on the map! You can also share your location with friends playing so you will all be able to find each other and see where you are!

Sign Artist: Decorate like never before! You can now upload images to place on signs.

  • Upload Image on something like Imgur.

  • While looking at the sign or painting, type /sil “url”(minus parenthesis, and you need the direct link).

  • There is a CoolDown for this, haven’t adjusted it properly yet.

There are the obvious Anti-Cheat, Anti-Hack, Anti-Clipping Mods Installed as well. And players with high ping get kicked automatically to make the experience nice for everyone!

Many changes are coming, but this is just the start. Right now I have the server name for my streaming community. But if enough people are on board I would be more than willing to donate the server and make it Strats focused!

Thanks guys! and stay tuned to this post for updates and changes, along with a list of commands that can be used for the mods on the server!


you de man


Awesome!!! I will finally be able to play RUST!!!


Whats the highest ping before Kick?

Can we PvP?

Can i Invite Friends?


Currently the highest ping is 200. Can be adjusted if need be.

Yes absolutely! That’s the idea, however there will be some form of policing on the server if I hear/see people constantly getting griefed/trolled. The admin power may have to kick in :wink:

Please do! I’m not doing all this so only a few of us can play! Invite whoever you want, it’s public!


D’OH guess I wont be joining :cry:


So you aren’t playing the division either?


not the dark zone or what ever its called



Sorry to be the guy, but could you set it to 290 for high ping? I usually get 150 due to my ISP for most servers.

Sometimes i top 250 ping :frowning:

Me will love you long time :wink:


had a blast playin on there tonight, fun game!


By default the server is now set to only kick a player for 350 ping or above!


Well join anyways! The point is too work together and help each other to form teams. Right now there hardly isnt anyone playing so I say go for it!


Awesome I just may dust off my account for this!


awesome @ThatDoomThough! I have been putting off buying this game forever, but now I really have a reason to get it. I think I will check it out this weekend.


I definitely need help and feedback for balancing. If you are playing and encounter something that may appear to be gamebreaking, please let me know. I can’t test everything :stuck_out_tongue:


Will do! :smiley:


Love me some rust!


I’m working toward tweaking the respawn rate of resources. Please let me know if things are respawning too fast or slow!


put a couple hours in last night and earlier today. one thing that seemed a little scarce were animals. it took me over an hour to get enough fat to build a furnace, had to run around forever searching for a horse or a wolf.

just getting used to the game and i definitely am not quick about how fast i get up and running. i’m taking my time learning the whole system and building slowly. today i found some big refinery base thing and was finding tons of recipes when the helicopter came and shot me to bits. scared the shit out of me.


I’m working on that one for sure. Issue is making it balanced yet fun. I had them ramped up and I died like 5 times in 20 minutes lol and so did everyone else. However the map is proceduraly generated, so I can’t make them only spawn in one area. I don’t wanna ramp them up too much then it destroys the server haha

That’s one of the balance aspects of the server, the helicopter will fly around and if you have certain types of clothes on (not sure the exact yet), or any ranged weapons in your hotbar it will target and kill you. It’s so people can’t just run around 24/7 griefing people. At some point the Heli will come and destroy them haha


ok i’m stuck in my house. after the helicopter incident, i respawned at my sleeping bag but i don’t have enough wood to make any tools to chop myself out of my locked house. my key was lost when i died. i tried the /remove command but it has a material cost to eliminate a wall or something to get out. i’m stuck!@!