Sad update regarding @Droul


I’m not sure how many of you kept up with @Droul. I haven’t spoken to him in a little while now, but I do have him on facebook. Unfortunately it appears that he has passed. He suffered a major heart attack on March 14. I just found this out today as it appears his brother posted a status update on his facebook page about it.


Anyways, I know he was a somewhat active user of our forum, and I figured I’d just give everyone an update.

RIP @Droul buddy.



Shit man. I saw this update on Facebook as well. RIP brother, he was always around for us, even when he was a pain in the ass. I will absolutely miss him.



Rest in Peace Mr Droul :frowning:



This is not the post I expected to see when I logged in. I will never forget the night he straight passed out and started snoring in chat back in the heady Destiny days.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Take it easy up there, big guy.



I totally remember. All of the sudden we’re like “wait what is that sound?”

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Man. . .
@Droul was a good dude. Always up for a group, always helpful. I’m gonna miss him.



Rest in peace

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I knew something was up. We were planning on getting the Division clan going and he never showed. Sad. I was just talking to him that week. I’ve been asking around about him.

RIP Droul. Harvest that big farm in the sky.



@Droul was passionate about this place and the community. Sometimes his vision for how things should be was a bit clouded, but his heart was always in the right place. Rest in piece, my friend.

And I was so online when @Droul started snoring like a big dawg in the middle of a raid. Lol!