Salt & Sanctuary - Dark Souls in 2d



Just released today on the Playstation Store, Salt & Sanctuary is a 2-dimensional imagining of Dark Souls. The game starts out like any Souls game: Create your character from a list of basic classes, die to the first boss, then begin your adventure.

The game plays like Castlevania or the original Prince of Persia (if anyone remembers that) with the stats and character building of Dark Souls. Instead of souls you collect salt from defeated enemies and lose your salt when you die. Sanctuaries take the place of bonfires.

There is skill progression in the game with a skill tree/wheel similar to Path of Exile. When you level-up you receive a skill point to move you on the tree. Each class starts with 1 or 2 skills unlocked at certain starting points on the wheel. In this game there are 2 deprived/waste-of-skin type of characters. I believe one starts with 1h/shield and the other a 2-hand weapon.

The game has received great reviews so far. Bloodborne is the only game in the genre which I have spent any amount of time playing (had a bad experience being invaded during the first 5 minutes of Dark Souls) and I am really enjoying this. I’ve played a short amount of time and already beaten the first boss. Even though it’s 2-d there is still some difficulty to the game.

The game is single-player only and currently only available for PS4. A version for Vita and PC will be coming later this year.

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I could possibly get into that if it were for iOS.


I have to stress how fun this game is. If you remember Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, try to imagine that with the Dark Souls mechanics.


Saw someone streaming this, he was afk but his screen was the skill wheel/tree. I immediately thought of Path of Exile or FFX. I have never been able to get into the Dark Souls game. But the art style and 2-D gameplay that I saw from this title did intrigue me. But damn if I have to stop buying every game that I think looks cool. I have a backlog just from purchases in the past month, and have Paragon, Overwatch and Fallout 4 DLC all coming up as well. Sheesh there isn’t enough time in the day to save New York…


On topic: @DrizztDo_Urden69, why are you not streaming this yet?


Oh my wow this is so spot on it’s hilariously scary. My Steam backlog is now in the triple digits…I try not to think about it, yet always add more games every summer and winter sale…


I actually was streaming Salt and Sanctuary for a few days, but have yet to get my WiFi set up out here in Japan. I am playing Dark Souls 3 right meow though.


I’m thinking about picking this up to get my mindset in the Dark Souls mindset


It’s a really fun game


Bringing this thread back.

Today, Salt & Sanctuary was granted a Steam page. For any PC users who were interested in this game, I highly recommend it. I will be buying this game on Steam also as soon as it’s available.


This game makes me want to break everything in my house, but I can’t stop playing it!


Sounds like a true dark souls game then @cul-tex haha


Just released on Steam a few minutes ago!


S&S is a great game. Been playing it offline and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.


I’m actually having more fun with it on PC. Maybe it’s because I know what I’m doing and am willing to get a little crazy with character builds.

First thing I did today was to keep rerolling until I beat the first boss to get the achievement. Took me about an hour but I did it. Got enough salt to level up to 12!