Sammich's intro to strat's community


I am Sammich/Zaxin and I am a 29 year-old from Maryland. I have been playing since day 2 of launch and have just over 7d played with something like 10m fame. I am primarily a crafter/gatherer and own 9 properties in Kingsmarket but I have been really wanting to try some group oriented PVP. I have specialized in holy staff, warlock staves, and frost mage.

I was a veteran null-sec Eve player so I am used to being vulnerable 100% of the time. My specializations were stealth guerrilla assault groups and clandestine economic warfare, in addition one of my pilots could fly a dreadnought, super carrier, and was ready to purchase and learn a titan flying. I also played a small role in alliance logistical operations (alliance management not the logistics ships).

Other titles I have played and enjoyed are Mortal Online, POE, all the Diablo games, Star Citizen, tons of FPS, and various Indie games. I played LoL for while which confirmed that all MOBA’s should die a fiery death.


welcome aboard


Welcome to Strats! Merry Christmas!


Thanks! Hopefully see you guys soon.


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