Savage Lands — Update


Hello Fam!

I have currently clocked around 5+ hours on Savage Lands and thought I would update you all, for those interested in the game and what not. I will admit that Savage Lands can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating game at times. I am currently soloing and, after a few hours, I have finally made a Wooden House and a Blacksmith.

The Skinny on Savage Lands

As long as you aren’t being hunted by Plague Wolves, Skeletons, or Dire Bears you’re fine. Well besides the fact that your body temperature is constantly dropping and you are getting hungrier by the second. Once you kind of learn to manage your temperature and hunger then, for the most part, you can survive.

Please keep in mind that this game is in Early Access, but in my (currently limited) experience with it, I have only found one bug: when you are attacked by a wolf, you often going soaring into the sky and then (not-so gracefully) you fall back to the earth, only to be attacked by your furry wolf friend once again.


This game has a lot of Minecrafty feels with the gritty dark, wintry environment of Skyrim. While the development team has a long way to go, they are doing well with updates and what not.

Almost everyone should be able to run this game pretty seamlessly. I am running it on OS Mavericks with my sweet little MBP Retina and I have had absolutely no problems. Graphics are not awe-inspiring, but there is some nice attention to detail: blustery winter winds and noticeable swaying tree limbs and foliage. Even the audible cracking of a branch when you’re trying to hunt a deer (even though this often spooks them and causes them to flee) is kind of a nice, realistic touch.

Teamwork // Multiplayer

There are several open, public maps and once I acquire a bit more armor I plan on joining in and doing more exploring. I am a bit too timid to explore on my own as of right now, because when you die you lose all your goodies unless you go back to your corpse.

From what I have seen, you create your character (though there is no character customization) and you can hop from map to map, both single- and multi-player, and you maintain whatever is in your pack on your person at a time. You can craft large backpacks to tote with you, and I would recommend doing so before diving into a public server.

Where do we go from here?

I have considered attempting to stream this if someone was interested to see. I would not mind starting over and doing a run through and showing the ropes.

So, with that being said: If you like a hardcore survival game where the odds are frightfully stacked against you, but you also like crafting your weapons, armor, etc. and working with a team, then I would suggest checking out Savage Lands! Currently on sale til the end of this week. I will continue to post more updates as they come.

Hope this helped anyone who was curious about this game!



Is the multiplayer on a central server or do we make our own like Counter Stike style?


@W1thl0v3 this game caught my attention when you were talking about it last night in Mumble. I think your write up is going to force my hand… I guessing I’m picking up, yet another, pre-release this year.

Great post BTW.


@Vocino There are both private and public servers, from the looks of it. I believe one could set up their own server, but as to going about that, I would have to do some digging. I definitely thinking that setting up a Strats server is possible.

@tommy2118 Thank you for the kind words! I felt the game was not as pre-releasey and buggy as I expected, but I do not have a ton of experience with pre-release other than ESO. Should you decide to get it, I think we’d have a killer time.

Sorry for the short replies. I am on my phone because I took my dogs on a quick run.