Say goodbye to Blizzard’s branding


No more It’s just going to be “Blizzard.” This makes a lot of sense to me.

For the past few years I’ve been watching Blizzard shift into an entertainment brand like Disney. If you look at Heroes of the Storm, it’s basically a hub for Blizzard fandom. More than that, all of their franchises have cross-promotion elements.

The Warcraft movie wasn’t a critical success but they’ll be back, I’m sure.

All of these things are indicators for $ATVI in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Blizzard break off again or even usurp Activision in some way.

If you wish you could invest in Disney circa 1960, you’ve got Blizzard today.


Guess it does make sense. Unified branding is ideal.

As for the Warcraft movie, it wasn’t a great story and the acting was eh, but the visuals were damn good. I for one feel they probably should’ve focused on the events of Warcraft 2 or 3, then maybe went back for 1 if necessary. They likely would’ve appealed to a more general audience was well as the diehards.


Goodnight, sweet prince.


While it does make sense, as someone who’s indoctrinated himself in the realm of Battle.Net since my Diablo days, it’s going to be tough to mentally make the shift.

When does "Investing with @Vocino" start up?


It’s going! Back in Mumble in 2014 I was saying ATVI was #STRONGBUY. At that time it was around $16-17. People were joking about my Blizzard notepad because I was saying “Buy ATVI, it’s going to be Disney.”

Today it’s at almost $50.


Nobody was joking about your ATVI partnership swag.