Saying Hi.... o.O


Got the info from Klutzy_Dragon. Thought i’d join and say hi. =)

Been a gamer since 13… sooooo thats about… 16 years? or something xD

Im currently moding Klutzy’s streams, known her from her Army days and such.

Soooooo hai! :smiley:


Oh hai dere! :smiley:


Hello. What is up?


Welcome to the party! Good on you for helping mod a stream. Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome, friend! :strats_orange:


Welcome to the cave!! Have fun, go crazy and try not to break anything.




Welcome to Strats! Feel to grab a :beer: from the… wait… what?! You know @Klutzy_dragon?! Oh snap. You better grab a tonne of :beers: from the cooler in that case.

You game at all? And if so, what titles/platforms?


Welcome! :smiley: Was great meeting you in the Twitch chat – Don’t forget to join our Discord I remember that it was mentioned :slight_smile:


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