Scariest RL gamifying ever


I haven’t researched this, if it is happening, that’s just about the saddest/scariest thing ever


So I just did a very basic search, and this seems to be a real thing that is happening.
I’ll link the BBC News article for those interested.


Not to sound like an evil overlord or anything but I have to give credit to their strategy. Using social pressure to control a population thanks to modern tech (i.e social media) is pretty genius. It is still scary that they are going to be using this strategy. I am personally scared by it because it will work, and work better than most other domination strategies.


agreed, I remember watching this thing absolutely horrified and thinking “Well that’s freakin genius”. I can’t imagine how much power the ones truly in control of the points will have. RIP last semblance of independence in China.


I see a conflict against the Constitution if they do “Limit you” based on your score.

“not standard citizen” = Low Score = Low Benefits = Restricting your free speech, expression, etc

I just don’t see this thing “truly” being a thing if they do that. Now if there are “no benefits” / No penalities at all but they reward you with benefits if you are “good” (Cough mindless drone) then I’m feeling a bit safer with it “sticking around”.


I’m not super familiar with China’s laws/citizen rights, but I don’t think they have the same freedoms we have in the states


This wouldn’t be legal in the US if they implemented it like they plan to in China. However you should all know by now how our government can tie laws up with nice bows and fancy words to make them seem constitutional.


Sorry, I was referring to if they tried making it mandatory in other countries like the United States.


all you have to do is scratch out the “good citizen” part and write in “terrorist”. Everyone has a score already, we just don’t have access to it.