Schedule Problems But Want To Raid? This thread is for you

I just want to get a feel for people who want to participate in a Raid but:

  1. Don’t really have the time to commit hours in one sitting to knock out the raid.

  2. Would enjoy the raid experience more gradually, meaning: The schedule would look like this:

Week 1 Part 1 unlocked and get loot. About an hour. (I know this can take 10 minutes but I’m baking in extra time to compensate for various skill levels and DPS, the team can decide to push on)

Week 2 Parts 1 and 2 unlocked get loot for both stages. About an hour.

Week 3 Parts 1,2 and 3 unlocked get loot for 3 stages. About an hour

And Week 4 being something that is voted on by the team on when and how to complete the raid that week, in one sitting or split across the week. About 2-3 hours. This should give people some flexibility. At this step, if 4 of 6 want to continue, but 2 others can’t, we can bring in two seasoned raiders to fill in from Alpha, Bravo teams.

The reason this works is each time you do a stage it gets quicker and easier, we see this all the time.

Also ‘Graduates’ will be able to easily complete the raid in one sitting with other teams they will have the background to help other groups like @Brutonium @uhohs as alts or primarys as needed.

Requirements would be:

  1. At or near level 26 (1-2 light short, I can help you level up)
  2. Active reader or contributor
  3. Soft requirement for Void Weapons.

If you are interested please reply and if you are in Europe please make a special note that you are. The reason is, I’d like it if @Sovereign would lead a team like this in Europe, for latency management.


Haha damn @SkullKontrol you’re fast! I was just about to start a topic to check how many/if any european members we have. But your topic is much better.

I like the points you make and agree with them 100%. Now that we have one seasoned raid team and pretty soon a second it shouldnt be too hard to fill out any empty spots in a third team.

But me leading? I dont know. Maybe after a few raids under my belt and some tips & tricks from you.

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I’m down for this I’m usually on weekday nights but occasionally I got something else going on. I’m in PST

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I would definitely be up for this. I’d generally be available 7-11pm ET but could swing a little either way to accommodate a specific night. I have a 27 titan leveled as defender and striker and hope to have a hunter up there by the end of this week.

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@TheL0ken @ghosthog great, glad to see some interest in something like this. Lets wait a day or two to see who else is interested, and try to work a schedule.

Let me know if you all want to proceed differently.

Didn’t see this thread before I commented in the other one. I would be interested in a raid group such as this. However, it will be a little while 'til I reach the Light requirement since I’m only 20 now.

Edit - no idea why that’s in reply to ghosthog guess I misclicked

@teh_ninjaneer I’m hoping this team model we will sustain as a platform, so we have a new people joining in on raids easily without having to worry too much about a all at once time commitment.

I’m hoping we get a steady flow of new people as vets of this group move on to other teams or games even. Some people will stop playing once they beat the raid and just wait for DLC.

Easiest way for you to get levels up is queens bounties once you are at L21 I think.

I’m interested. I’m a regular for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. PSN: Odin-12345

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My days are iffy if I don’t know in advance but raids after 10PM est work a lot better for me since everyone is sleeping and I am a night owl. Would like more info on what is going down for this as I already am part of Bravo.

@SkullKontrol you know I’m down brother

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So I definitely agree with the progression waves you’re suggesting, and bringing in one or 2 team members from Alpha or Bravo team if need be once we work up to a fill clear, I just want to add that, if while in say week one we move through the first phase pretty easily if the members are down we can keep pushing. Always know that personal life comes first and there’s always 7 days in a week so we don’t need to try and push it all in one day. At the moment I only have one character able to raid but will be working on a warlock and titan so I will be able to help 3 groups run each week

Great @DrizztDo_Urden69. I’m glad you like the concept and from here on out, I’ll play support and assist you. If you wouldn’t mind taking the lead here, we have a good group of people here and yep we can recruit people including myself to fill in as necessary.

Please feel free to make adjustments to the concept as you see fit, I have a feeling this ‘platform’ will be of great service to many people in the Strats community.

I would like to raid if you’ll have me.

@Droul absolutely! I’ll get with @DrizztDo_Urden69 and start figuring out some scheduling.

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I need to get in on this too, because I keep missing the scheduled ones. PittInjury and Lewes17 can both help out!

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Awesome make sure you add me on PSN, out of town at the moment but will accept when I get back and will set the raid up most likely won’t be till Thursday or Friday of next week tbh

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You the man @DrizztDo_Urden69, please let me know if you need help setting things up but it sounds like you have this all handled. Unless we have vets on for launch in this team, I can join the party chat for Raid Support.

@DrizztDo_Urden69 when you have a schedule up and your roster, if you have time, please post something like this, if not please let me know and I can assist :smile:

It may need more updating for this Raid Team as members will be flowing in and out.

@SkullKontrol Roger that I’ll have that posted up Friday afternoon when I get back from this trip.

We have another one @DrizztDo_Urden69 @AT0MS_APPL3 is interested in being a member of this casual raid group.