School is done for the semester!


Just turned in my final paper for this semester and now I have enough free time to play ESO again.

##What will you guys be up to this summer, besides ESO?


Opposite =p
Just started the summer semester. Learning and gaming galore!


Work, ESO, Animal Crossing, Books, and moving. A full summer! after next Monday’s tests…


Taking classes online for additional school credit, taking Driver’s Ed to lower car insurance rates, learning Ruby and Python in order to contribute to the programming of the site, and hopefully working part-time.


Work, AT(Man I hate 29 palms), gaming, enjoying my 9-month old. working some more. building my homelab. And back to school in Aug.


Man, 29 Stumps is the worst!! :sunny:
At least Vegas is only 2 hours driving.


Hi Bud, I am at Fort Irwin, just north of you. My youngest is a Capt In the Air Force, and My Dad was stationed at 29 palms.


Online School, Work, Rock Hounding, Gold Panning, ESO, and playing with my wife, not in that order.


Gold panning?


Yes sir! The rush is still very much alive and well!!


I gold prospect all year long, with my metal detector, I have found some out in the Mojave Desert, we live om the western edge of it. I am also an active member of the GPAA, (Gold Prospector Association of America ).


What’s the coolest thing you’ve found?


I have found a lot of cool thing over the years, old gold camps, lost cemeteries, I found a create one time that the ARMY had lost during training that had a jeep in it.


There is a mountain just north of Barstow, CA called Opel Mountain, on the west and north side of it the area a lot of petroglyphs.