Scouting Mission



Join us for a unexpected journey...

With all the recent changes to TESO ( to include going free to play) @Vocino, @Dynamible and myself are planning an expedition into the realm of Tamriel. The intent of the expedition is to explore and investigate the changes and determine if this charter title deserves more of our attention.

Come out and join us!

We plan on meeting in Mumble Wednesday April 1st @ 9:30 pm EST (or EDT for smart guys like @auth)

See you there.


I see the joke here.


I did not mention April Fools because I was concerned that people would think this was a gag. This is legit.


Will someone be streaming this? I’ve never played TESO and I’m really curious on how it works


My streaming setup is discombobulated ATM. However, I will do my best to have it up and running.


Well it be ok that I’m only VR 1?


I can’t wait.


It’s better then being level 49…


Exactly what a potential April Fools joker would say…


That’s promising


I may not be able to join you all on mumble tonight but I would like to join you all if you decided to return to ESO. Can someone please send me a guild invite when you get a chance. Thank you


Aren’t you already in the guild @java? What’s your ESO @username? @Xerosum is the current guild master.


An invite would be great @J4VA…ty


I need to get Mumble. I’ve always used Teamspeak. I have 2 AD characters, a VR14 Sorcerer and a VR3 Dragonknight. I also have a EP VR2 Templar and a DC VR2 Nightblade. What Cyrodiil campaign are we using?


Booting up now!


daw I missed it…