Screenshot Saturday for Week 16.2017


Amazing once-in-a-lifetime shot? Ordinary uneventful menu screen? It doesn’t matter!

Share what game you’re playing and let us know why, how great it is, or why you want to throw it out the window.

Other interesting meta data you might want to include:

  • Platform
  • Mode (hardcore? tournament? multiplayer?)
  • LFG?

Past Screenshot Saturdays


Such cameo, get it NOW!


BDO at sea:



Titanfall 2 PC

Prepare for titanfall.

Riding in style.

Likely my best performance in the game thus far.

Edit: This game is still on sale for $30 on Origin.


Game looks beautiful.


Harvesting a field of Canola

And Fertilizing another


I tried to sell but it never went. Took me about a month with BDO support to recover it back in January since I had lost the email/pw I had changed it too for selling lol.


Was playing some ARAM’s in League of Legends this week (actual this week screenshots, @Wheatception!) when this happened. I’ve got some video of it, but I need to be not ass deep in homework before editing and uploading it :wink:

#Cheer’s love, the cavalry’s here!

#Press ‘R’ to win

#MFW when we still lose the game.

My Karthus Pentakill in ARAM

Dude, ARAMs in ultra widescreen look pretty.


IKR? :wink:


Watchin’ a little RLCS.


I was going to upload some screenshots of Battlefront for @Vocino but apparently Geforce Experience saves an image file which is twice as large as the site will allow.


Gimp is handy :wink:


Yay imgur account.


Orc messiah looking dapper.


Looks like you bought the new mount.


Yeah, I had so many :crown: crownies laying around.


I just open them in MS Paint and save them as .jpeg; drops them well below the upload threshold (the LoL screenshots I posted were taken with Geforce Experience).


I believe you can set the format and quality of the screenshots in GFE. It might default to uncompressed.