Seagate 2TB Ext HDD - $70


Amazon has this drive for $70 today. With the PS4 also gaining external storage for games and apps, this is a pretty solid way to expand. Also works on Xbox, so maybe buy multiple.


That’s the best price it’s been beyond Black Friday ($63.99) according to the Triple Camel.


That’s a great deal.


research the drive…seriously…

the ONE drive that I ever experienced a massive failure on was a Seagate external drive. Did some research after the fact on them and they have some of the worst records for survivability after 90 days. After a year they had something like a 23% failure-rate.

I don’t remember the site that had them listed but yeah, search the internal drive model number.


Are you sure that wasn’t the 4TB? The Seagate 4TB was recall bad at around a 15% annualized failure rate. The 2TB (above) is normal from what I can see.


it was a 3tb model iirc, maybe a 2.