Secret Robot Santa Swag Photo Thread

What’s in the box?!

Hey peeps, I’ve already seen at least one post regarding Secret Santa and mine just showed up, so I figured we should get a thread going to brag about what we got as they come in! Post your pictures here or to imgur and link to the gallery (it saves on our server space, but isn’t mandatory by any stretch).

To get the imgur gallery to display like mine did, all you have to do is link to the album. For example, my album is: and that’s literally all I put in my post; it’s that easy!

Show us the goods :wink:


Obligatory “Nice Post” edit. (FIRST, bitches :wink:)


So jealous. I think that is the only badge that someone else has that I don’t now.

My Robot Secret Santa got me a gift card to the PlayStation Store!

I haven’t figured out what I’ll be getting yet, but I have a feeling it will be something in the new year: The Order or Bloodborne perhaps? Thanks Santa!


@Auth - Awesome mug you got there. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of use of it!

@PittInjury - That was awesome of your Secret Santa to go all out and get you a spending spree. Both of those games I’ll be getting as well. If I had to pick just one… I have no idea what one I’d pick haha.

A special thank you to my Secret Santa…


The QUALITY video. I can’t even see the bar anymore it’s been set so high.

0 Likes, 1 Comments - Travis Vocino (@vocino) on Instagram: “ secret Santa unboxing: pretty packaging.” 1 Likes, 1 Comments - Travis Vocino (@vocino) on Instagram: “ secret Santa unboxing: Vader senses a disturbance in my sleep.”

@NVS_1 I was a little misleading in my post, heh. It was a gift card actually. I fixed it. As for which one I would pick: The Order if the reviews come in ok, Bloodborne if not.

Ya, you only listed the two games, so was just saying hard to pick one. haha

Funny thing… I get a ton of packages delivered during the holidays. I almost missed this follow on from my Secret Santa. Sorry it did not make the video.

Thank you. Superman was my first introduction to superheros. The first movie in this set came out the year I was born. I have to say, I still run around the house with my bath towel around my neck pretending it is a cape. :smile:


Thank you Secret Santa!


Best Christmas EVAR!


Mad props for the Old Bay. I’ll jump on this next year, after I know you all a little better.


I was told my link doesn’t work, but I’m stuck at work so I’ll get it fixed when I can!!!

Was busy as always this year but love what you guys did. I ll be in on this next year.


Can’t get imgur to work with my phone so doing this the old fashion way!


Awesome gifts guys! Hope to do this next year c:


Well Christmas has come and gone, I guess I must have been naughty and not nice, secret Santa passed me by, better luck next year huh.