Secret room in The Division's Madison Square Garden



I just found this video on Reddit and was wondering if anyone found this secret room and did you get anything out of it? I must have run it over 20+ times and i never even saw the door to be honest.


Its a lvl 2 contaminated area with a loot chest. Dropped a blue item or green each time i ran thru.

As they state if your filter is too low, you die. Lol.


Ah yes, the chest of death. That’s where I got my blue police p416. Love that sweet sweet loot.


yea, I took everyone i played with on ps4 through it. it was in the alpha as well.


Never saw it either myself. oh there is so much to look forward to.


No secret at all. I believe everyone i played with looted that chest.


Ran in there, grabbed the chest, died. Don’t think I ever pulled anything decent out of it, but made sure everyone I ran with gave it a try.