Sennish's Pokemon Nuzlocke



In honor of Pokemon 20th Anniversary, I will be attempting a nuzlocke challenge on my Omega Ruby save. I have started this type of game in the past but I never played it to completion. Hopefully with a theatrical account of my journey I can finally complete it! For most of the choices, when I can, I will rely on randomness to choose my path. Starting off with choosing my character, and my first Pokemon (thanks @tommy2118)

Basic Rules

  • Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
  • The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. If the first encounter in the area is a Double Battle in dark grass, the player may choose which of the two Pokémon they would like to catch.
  • The player must also nickname all of their Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
  • A black out/white out is considered to be “game over”, even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
  • Voluntarily resetting and reloading the game is prohibited.

Secondary Rules

  • Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Limited to three (3) encounters, after which no Pokemon can be caught on that route.
  • Shiny/Rare Pokemon can be caught at any time, but they must be stored in the PC and can never be used.

And so it begins…

Our journey begins with a random choice of starter Pokemon. Introducing Tommy the Torchic!

Tommy and I become fast friends, and before you know it we are out on our very own Pokemon adventure!

##Route 101
Our first encounter on route 101 was a Zigzagoon! Tommy made quick work of him, and end the end it agreed to join our team! Welcome, Moho the Zigzagoon (@Mohomohommad).

##Route 103
After a bit of training on route 101, Tommy, Moho, and I move on past Oldale town to route 103! We stumble onto a lonely Poochyena, naturally we fought to to gain a new friend and ally! Travis (@Vocino) the Poochyena joins the party!

##Route 102
Not wasting any time our team rockets off to route 102. There we meet Seedot! Welcome Kevin (@Auth) !

##Route 104
Welcome Justin (@Wayward) the Wurmple!

##Petalburg Woods
Finally a girl to join this sausagefest!
Please join me in welcoming McKensie (@W1thl0v3) the Shroomish!

##Rustboro City
After fighting a trainer as we approached Rustboro, Justin began to evolve!

To be continued…


  • Littleroot Town: Torchic (Tommy)
  • Route 101: Zigzagoon (Moho)
  • Route 103: Poochyena (Travis)
  • Route 102: Seedot (Kevin)
  • Route 104: Wurmple (Justin)
  • Petalburg Woods: Shroomish (McKenzie)
  • Granite Cave: Zubat (Drea)
  • Route 110: Electrike (Laoria)


Oh my god this is amazing. Catch them all!


Shroomish??? Whyyyyy


Nuzlocke rules; he didn’t get a choice, but you get to join the party!

Also, you have an evolution to look forward to :wink:



haha! sad shroomish mad shroomish, red shroomish blue shroomish


Proud to be serving master @senNish


He doesn’t have enough badges to train me :wink:


I’ve never heard of this, but I need to do it! This seems awesome.
Also, Waywurmple would’ve been a cooler name :stuck_out_tongue:


#OK. Update time!

##Onward from Rustboro
After defeating the gym leader and retrieving the devon parts, our party was greeted with some evolution goodness.

The cute little Tommy the Torchic (@tommy2118) evolved into the powerhouse Combusken! Power to the chicken!

In other news, Justin (@Wayward) completed his final evolution into a Beautifly! Aww so pretty!

We hitched a ride with an old sailor to Dewford, and in the Granite Cave there we met one of the more rare cave dwelling pokemon. Zubat! Welcome Drea! (@simplyundrea)

##Dewford Gym
Dewford’s gym leader Brawly is a master of fighting type Pokemon, so naturally Justin the Beautifly was the obvious choice to spearhead our assault. We loaded Justin with oran berries and mowed down the completion, things got a little dicey near the end when Brawly surprised us by knocking the oran berry out of Justin’s hands and nearly damaging half our health pool in the process. Justin powered through and KO’d the leader’s Pokemon easily.

##To be continued…
Now we begin our trek back into the Granite Caves to meet Brawly’s strange friend! What will we find down there? Find out in the next update!


I don’t know a single thing about Pokemon but this thread is epic!


This is awesome, @senNish! :open_mouth:


Justin you magnificent bastard :sadgumball:


I am known for my beauty.


#1/24/16 Update!
##Mauville City
After leaving Dewford, our intrepid team was tasked with delivering the recovered Devon parts to Slateport City. Afterward we headed north and challenged the Mauville City gym leader. This was an electric type gym which coincidental favored steel type electric Pokemon like Magnemite so we let @tommy2118 take lead and melt them before they had a chance to retaliate. Despite ample use of Paralyze moves, @tommy2118 came out on top with speed boost from Flame Charge. Congrats @tommy2118 on another successful win and one more badge!

##New friends, and some old ones!
On our way to Mauville, two things happened.
On route 110 we encountered a spunky Electrike willing to join our adventure. Welcome @Laoria!

Secondly, our very own @Vocino evolved into a Mightyena!

##That’s all for now. More updates are on the horizon…


#1/25/16 Update!

##Mt. Chimney
Our gang headed off to stop Team Magma doing stupid stuff. and along the way we met some new Pokemon to join the crew!

Hi Biff (@Biff_Tannen) the Spinda!

And quite possibly the most important addition to the team… Drizzt (@DrizztDo_Urden69) the…


And of course, this chapter of our journey would not be complete without mentioning that our beautiful Shroomish McKenzie (@W1thl0v3) finally blossomed into a fancy fighting machine, Breloom!

This leg of our journey has been perilous, many near death experiences cause hesitation in our heroes moving forward too quickly… but no, we must press on!

##See you next time!


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i wish i could like that post more than once <3


I better become a gyrados damn soon…


No way, lvl 100 flail Magikarp is best Magikarp (on mobile, someone link the video).