Seriously considering a GPU upgrade


So a couple weeks ago I decided to pick up a Republic of Gamers (ASUS) Maximus V Extreme. It’s great. I went with the V instead of VI because I didn’t want to have to get a new CPU at the same time. Already have an i7-3770k, which is perfectly nice.

Anyway, my new mission is to upgrade my video card from an ASUS Geforce GTX 670 to something better, maybe x2 in SLI. The ROG cards look great. I feel nice when everything is ASUS but EVGA cards also have that black look.

Anyone have experience with the Republic of Gamers line of graphics cards? Are they worth it? Maybe I should thinking about water cooling more than my current H100i setup.


If you are considering a long term upgrade strategy with watercooling in mind id go for a single ROG 780 with there H2O cool thing, it has a built in water-cooling unit on it, so you wont need to void any warrentys to use it, just buy barbs and itll go into a water cooling loop (sadly not your h100 though, BUT it adds scope for upgrade).

But the great thing is even if you don’t water cool later its still a pants burningly fast card on its own. even if a little pricey… itll work with your colour scheme too!


Oh yeah, I was looking at those “Poseidon” cards. What a brilliant idea to do air+water cooling in one card. I think you’re right, that might be the way to go.


BUT the car is like $600 or so, and you might be able to get the similar amount of performance out of grabbing a second 670 at a lower price.

and yeah, i love the consent of the Poseidon cards, the idea has been tried before, but not executed anywhere near as well as that. if they weren’t so pricey id probably pick up one or 2… might have to sell my cars to do so though ^^.


@IRPurple do you think a 760Ti is enough of an upgrade? What if I were to get 2x SLI?


I just paid for and ordered a zotax 750ti 2GB card. Nothing fancy but it’ll do great things for only 60W power. I’m currently using a crappy AMD sapphire 1GB card and it runs all my games in max settings.

A GPU upgrade is always a good idea :smiley:


the 750IT is an absolute monster for the power it uses. and the 760 is somewhere in the ballpark of what you have if i remember rightly, youd be beter throwing a small ammount of money at a pair of 770s or a 780 if you can stretch it.


I’m running an ASUS z87 pro with an i5-4670k and a GTX 770. I get no less than 70fps on any games I play and ESO runs at an average of 80fps.


That set up would be insane. My main question would be, what do you plan on doing with your computer. If you are mainly planning on playing Elder Scrolls Online that set up would be over kill. Granted that you are probably doing more, but I spent about about $230 on my motherboard and videos card combined and am playing on ultra.


Just bought myself a 750 ti, upgraded from the 550 ti


I just got an MSI Twin Frozr 780 ti. The Twin Frozr fan set is great


When I built my current rig I put a 750ti in it as well. I have no complaints.


Hey buddy, so did you ever decide on that perfect new addition to your rig?