Server choice



Do we have to be on a PvP server? I enjoy occassional PvP but i really like playing PvE more. Cant the people who want to PvP just toggle their PvP flag to on? that would allow those of us that want the PvE experience to get it without being griefed all the time. Just my 2 cents worth.


I don’t think the ganking is going to be excessive. I played Aion which had built in mechanics so regardless of where you were there was the threat of being jumped by any number of enemy players. It didn’t happen near as often as I expected and the response from other players in zone when it did happen was neigh-instantaneous and stout every time. I feel like it’s going to add an additional layer of entertainment and immersion to the game world. I mean, we’re supposed to be at war. If I’m just sauntering past Dominion players in game, it’s going to feel wrong to me.

Added bonus: we can go on guild raids into Dominion territory when we’re all being influenced by our bevs of choice :smiley:


Exactly the reason we are going for a pvp server. Ganking might be an inconvenience while leveling up but you will have the full force of your guildmates behind you. Once you are max level thats when you want to invade them and only on a pvp server can this be done.


I think there is some sort of confusion here. The guild says PvE and I was told when I was looking this is PvE 100%. I don’t do PvP servers. Ganking removes 100% of my fun from the game. I refuse to play on a PvP server.


We changed to a PvE server after finding our more facts on how it works. PVE is were we are going NOT PVP