Server choice?



I thought we changed to caretaker last night in the meeting. Am i losing my mind? What’s the final decision on this? I don’t care either way just want to ensure the main banner, and guildex are correct. (Both say stormtalon still)


First we voted on Caretaker, then revoted on Stormtalon after having more information.


I don’t remember a second vote. (Completely possible as last night I got no sleep because my wife was fired via text message at 11pm…)


Something something for the greater good. Turns out @GuardianX decided to neglect to tell people he’d told a bunch of his IRL friends to play on Stormtalon and was basically going to bail on us. So, in an effort to keep him enslaved, we vetoed the previous vote under the pretense that “his bitch-ass was withholding information.” You and @DracoIsmenium had already bailed at this point.

Rewording as I’ve been up all night and that was pure stream of consciousness. @GuardianX had told some IRL friends what server we were on and that had trickled irreversibly through their contacts. He was planning to step down as officer and remain on Stormtalon while still being cozy with us, but we decided we didn’t have a great reason to be moving in the first place. In an effort to preserve our established leadership and not be all willy-nilly with our decision-making process, we revoted unanimously to remain on Stormtalon.

Because @GuardianX is our bitch.


I vote fuck him :wink: Ok ok we can stay w/ stormtalon… In the end I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference.


Totally off topic of the thread, really sorry about your wife. That’s a shit thing to do to someone.


Appreciate it @Auth I just didn’t know if my lack of sleep caused me to blackout part of the meeting (BAD IRL if it happened cuz it never has) or if I missed it. So good to know I don’t have a directly proven health issue based on that.