I’ve seen a discussion about server, but i haven’t seen any discussion about faction. I really don’t have any preference, I have some ideas for characters for either faction, but I would like to just get the discussion going now so nobody has to re-roll sometime after launch because they’re in a different faction than the rest of the group. Any comments?

And by the way, did we decide on a server finally? or are we waiting for an official list of realms or something?


List drops at noon eastern today. We are going to observe reddit today and make a decision hopefully tomorrow on the server. As far as faction, I thought we were going exile. I hope we do as I have a list of toons that will work best as exiles. I can’t recreate a group that’s against a horrible government and not roll exile!


Unless something happened I’ve not been made aware of, we are most assuredly going Exile. That said, the sooner we make the server call the happier @Vocino will be.


oh ok, figured we were waiting for an official list or something. My vote would probably be for Exiles too, but it doesn’t matter that much…at least to me.


#Who’s Who


The dominion is pure evil… we don’t like them :stuck_out_tongue:


I like them! I voted for Dominion but no one likes me either :smile:


Well, after soon thought I’ve decided to give Wildstar a shot. :slight_smile: I prefer Dominion, but will go will majority so I can team up.


I have sexy rockman already built. I also played the starting stuff for exiles on a few toons, so I vote exiles.


Its stated in the megathread. We are and always have been EXILE!!!
You might be suprised what you ll find there, like raid times!



I like Orias as our server. :smiley: Or Mikros.


I like Caretaker, but I know we wanted to look at reddit responses too?


going out to take care of something i ll be back in a about an hour we can discuss it then on mumble


Caretaker – Stormtalon

Checking with people to see where the uber guilds are going, my guess is they will go to their own servers to avoid an uber dogpile.


6 PvE servers, 3 PvP servers. I am surprised it’s not more balanced. Also I believe most uber guilds are on PvP because they tend to draw more people (circle back to the original thought on wrong balance of servers)


I wont be on mumble to talk about it for a few hours. :frowning:


I wont be on till after 8 probably. Sorry


most are going to stormtalon. I know that they do not represent all guilds blah blah but its a good indicator.


Vocino registered us at we can always change the server…my choice would be Stormtalon…with Caretaker coming in 2nd