Server Issues and Technical Assistance

Is there an issue with the Minecraft? Is it misbehaving or down? Drop a comment and we’ll try to get it sorted out :wink:

Please create a separate thread if you need assistance with your personal Minecraft client or any other non-server-related Minecraft issues/questions

Server booted me off about 15 minutes ago and further attempts have been a failure to connect. msg i got when i got booted was something like “you dont have authorization for server” or something along those lines…i wasnt paying attention as i thought it was an idle kick as i was at the community center unloading stuff…but regardless…server is down. just an FYI @Auth

I just dug through the logs, there was a weird glitch that was probably just a perfect storm of WTF; I’m going to double-check there’s no other issue.

The server is back up, though :wink:


Hang on there is a Strats minecraft server?

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Thank you @Auth!!

7:30 am EST. Server is down (at least for me).

8:50 am est server down

@Auth 2pm est server still down

I’m not going to say someone forgot to start the server back up after backing it up…because that totally didn’t happen. Full disclosure: I think I tried to bring it back up too fast after taking it down for the backup last night and it freaked out; I’ll be more careful in the future.

Server’s back up :wink: