Set usernames in your profile preferences


Per @teh_ninjaneer’s idea in the following thread:

…I added some fields to the profile preferences. You get to them by clicking “Preferences” on your profile screen.

Scroll down and you’ll see the fields (I can add more based on suggestions but we should keep it relatively short, I think):

They show up on your profile:

and on the preview cards you see when you click on someone’s avatar in a thread:



“The Dirty Tease”

Your profile is perfect.


I do not see these new fields on the preferences page. Do we have to wait for a website update?

I considered mentioning a field for Youtube Gaming since Twitch is there but I guess a link for that could be placed in the website field. I don’t know if Youtube names are specific.




this is sweet…a nice feature


Awesome. This is a great feature.


haha totally shocked to see this added!