Setting up multiple monitors


Once again I turn to you guys for your immense computer knowledge. I’m currently setting up a new game room with 2 32 inch HDTVs. I’ve never run dual monitors before and need some help. SOOOO, first off i’m going to be using the same HDMI splitter @vocino and I think @auth has. You can find that link here. I will be plugging in my PS4 and my computer twice. My question is, what ports should I use on the back of my video card. It has a display port, an HDMI (which I currently use), and 2 DVI port. What would be the best course of action?

Obligatory progress picture. Also you can see the desk I chose. I know cable management is needed. lol


You are adding the two HDTV’s and using your current monitor?


–HDMI is DVI without sound-- DVI is HDMI without sound, so that’s a good option.

I’m not clear on what the setup is you’re going for but it sounds like your 2 TVs will be Output A and Output B. Then you’d have Computer A, Computer B, and PS4 as inputs.


I think you mean DVI is HDMI without sound.

Too much late night League for you? :laughing:


Err yeah. Stike that, reverse it.


I have one t.v. Already. I’m adding another tv.

I think @Vocino answered it with just using the dvi. I don’t need sound for the second screen because the first one has it. I guess I would just use a dvi to hdmi to get it in the switcher.


Here is a quick diagram of how I’m currently set up.


It’s beautiful. I’m really jealous.


I miss my full setup. :frowning: I’m hoping that once GF6 and I move, I’ll be able to get myself back to where I was, which was two monitors and a TV. That was ideal for pretty much every situation I needed. I could have definitely went with another monitor, but alas, it worked. I used HDMI for everything because I had them lying around, but I agree with using DVI anywhere you didn’t need audio and had the hookups available. It’s cheaper, but still gives you the same quality.

Also, that background. Suckup. :wink:


I don’t have any good backgrounds. I need some good dual monitor ones.


DeviantArt has some ok ones if your search-fu is decent. Also a lot of total crap.