Shadow of Mordor Gameplay

So for those of you that are unsure about Shadow of Mordor and whether or not you should pick it up, here’s some gameplay footage of mine from last night.

It’s a solid game, and I’m having a ton of fun with it.


Wow, it really is Assassin’s Creed isn’t it…

Assassins Creed and Batman Arkham Asylum is pretty much how the combat handles.

I’ll see if I can get some video of the Nemesis progress later tonight… largely depends on me dieing though, lol. (Thankfully only died once)

Is it an RPG or basically a linear story?

Open World RPG.

Well that’s definitely a positive.

I’m truly enjoying the game, and the nemesis system is amazing.

Just last night I unlocked revenge targets and I have the ability to hunt down Captains that have killed my friends in their own game. I have 3 revenge targets for one of my friends haha.

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I wasn’t aware this was even a thing. Guess I should have bought this on PS4 rather than Steam since I only have one Steam friend with the game. Oh well.

are you in the strats steam group? I’ll add you. I have it on steam as well.

Pretty sure I am. Domo is my only friend.

Earlier today I suffered my first death in this game to some low-life spear-chucking Power 3 Captain I literally stumbled across while doing some side quests. He was given a promotion for his efforts.

About 15 minutes later our paths crossed again and I trained a pack of Caragors onto him that were chasing me. Previous intel (from the Vulcan mind meld I performed on an orc, moments before I drove my sword thru his skull)informed me of his fear of Caragors. I scaled a wall and shot a couple arrows into his flailing body as he was being maimed.

I cackled.

This game is fun.

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Sweet. Looks like I need to pick this up! Was holding off since so many other good sounding games are coming out in the next two months. I like how the nemesis system ties your friends in as well. Hadn’t heard of that in any of the reviews.

Just picked it up for PS4 so excited to start killing orcs!


Need moar Steam players!