Shadow Realms gets the axe


Just announced that Shadow Realms has been canceled. Seems Bioware wants to put more focus on Dragon Age and… SWTOR.

Get owned.


I think @auth will be dissapointed in this. If memory serves, he was pretty excited about it. Maybe it wasn’t him, can’t recall.

Anyways, happy to hear about the continued improvement towards DA:I though.


At least this was announced just in time for @Auth to get a copy of Evolve!



Still probably not happening :wink:


I saw this and as let down. They also have said they are working on another new IP so I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be.




Personally I thought everyone would be thrilled about the additional effort toward SWTOR.


I’d much rather have a game with some unique aspects like Shadowrealms.

Don’t get me wrong SWTOR is a great title, But I’m not sure what more they could do for it. It seems to be in a stable state as it is.


Should have added /sarcasm



...I think my life is complete now